Sunday, April 12, 2015

april 12 2015
i have to confess.... i am a muffin topper...
it all depends on how you look at things...
as a muffin topper i am a hateful creature...
however if i ate the whole muffin  no one would put that sinful label on my breakfast activity...

i can tell the kind of day it will be-- i just spent a frantic 3 minutes looking for my cell phoine which i could hear making an "incoming " noise, only to find it was bailey snoring.

snoring.... the "dutchie" 
harl pup snores-   a pesimist could worry about the shape of parts of her throat
and  i am sure george could tell me why- but  bailey snores- and has for 12 years and counting
so maybe it is a good thing.

goal of the day-- get the older pups out on puppy hill about 1:00 and maybe the younger ones out in the puppy bus.. we could set up a pen behind the tipi  for a breif "puppy march"   - grace says the grandchild's pen may be clear of snow...( that is the one ourside the t tent,  i built that because janine wanted someplace safe to put colby   that was safe... kind of an indication of the type place this is... pen up the kids and leave the dogs loose.)

alot of us have been working on this medical form that shiela ( obrien) says we must have.  i am hearing  that if 'sensative' information is kept , the staff needs to have hyppa training-- re trained  yearly..  more of the same--layers of rules and regulations... i am thinking bud could be our manager  of extraineous information.. the ultimate security-- the fireplace-- burn it.

we will have several of the board of directors here today-- and  we need to have them log in on what we want to do.
there are several things of which  i am certain- i don't need to know about  an applicant's vericose veins. i have no medical training and can call 911 very fast. for what we do, we do not need to know alot of what the guide dog foundation  requires.
and then there is the ability of a computer to falsify letterheads and who checks signatures anyway??  we all found out about that  just lately...  and we should have  known-- what doctor writes an 8 page letter which  includes the  design of the handicapp bathroom required... ...i should have known...... well i do now.. letterheads and signatures  do not a valid document make.
 experience comes from bad experience.  94% of our application process is the personal interview... and if a person has an amputation, i bet we notice.

take bella and george--- were we supposed to keep  all that we needed... her diagnosis-- under lock and key, only to have it explained  in detail  in the newspaper???
as soon as i finish this ... i am going to try and put a "do not include " statement on this medical information sheet "--the information on this paper will  not be kept securely."

coming right down to who gets a dog,  we have found the best candidates  are ones who are open and factual- if someone is worried about who knows what..  their paperwork is going to slip to the bottom of the pile.  just like a person,regardless of thier medical problems  maintains at least a warped sense of humor is inclined to  stay in the current  pile of possibilities.

applicants here are often known by  the "parkinson from amesbury"   if that becomes  illegal  we will have to redo our filing system 
 "joe,ms,nh ok"  tells me about all i have to know... and you can even leave  off teh joe part - until they actually get here.
next problem
we are going to have a parking  problem as  the summer goes on... especially when we have pups.  there is a public road behind the arena- where people could walk up over the hill and land  in th e arena-- i need to ask teh police... and then notify the neighborhood and welcome them to join us...  and tehn pray...

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