Monday, April 13, 2015

april 13 2015
have we actually made it????  they are promising 70 degrees today...
if that would just get the ice off the pond, the dogs will have that extra running room...

the gate has been locked since  it froze last ---whenever it froze.
and i might even get to ride...

being able to ride the golf cart around the pond  to exercise the dogs is a big deal too.

and i will be able to figure out the fencing for around the mucky area-- which would be another big step forward in our outfit.
that will enable us to use the "A" field  which would then be donut shaped ---with nearly 1/4 mile  loop.  

we did get both groups out in the nice air yesterday   and chaos baby sat the bigger ones..
with earlene's help.. 
chaos and bailey wer sleeping on "the bed" in the  sun and all of a sudden chaos bolted-
only one reason... earlene was here...

exercise cures alot of problems with pups... and the older group is now following the canned food pretty well.
the little ones are still  transported  in the" puppy bus"

one of the older pups... i still do not have the naems straight.. but one of the black females... has been more excitable than i like with the face biting etc... with no mommy here to correct her... i grabbed her neck and pinned her for a split second and let go... she backed off and looked at me.. so i patted her quietly and for the rest of the afternoon she was perfectly behaved...

there s alot of dog training in that maneuver .  i have seen teh mommies do it very often-- the object  is to let go very quickly and walk away to let them think... you do not want them to have time to think of struggling-- just a quick knock to the floor "with purpose" let them go and don't even go near them.  rarely do you have to do it twice in one time period...  but it must be  done instantaneously...when they are in attack mode with a sibling. if they start to struggle you have held on tooooo long. 
you want the "now how did that happen?" response. 
 and you do not want to be near when they are trying to figure it out.

mark took a picture of teh wrinkly teepee-- maybe none of you realize that a wrinkle in the teepee is the sign of a sloppy housekeeper in the indian world...
lord knows we need to un wrinkle that as soon as we have a few more people around... it will come apart easily.. because it is attached to  only one pole-- the "lift pole" -- so we need to unwind it, gather and tie it to the lift pole-- then re-lift that pole and  unwind the canvas again... shold be wrinkly free then...

there is a video of th eputting up of the tipi--  which according to the book can be done by an indian woman in an hour.
could be-- but-- probably  not a 77 year old woman

and the bible of tipi living is a book by gladys laubin the indian tipi 

a teepee ( or tipi) can be lived in year round.... in the rockeis.... i had a relative who did that...and wrote a book 

there is a picture of her on the cover with not many clothes and a big armful of marajuana.
she talks about my arrival  on page 35.. or somewhere...

i think she had a gov't grant to study the life..  it is an interesting read,,, 
and the pictures of the house they built themselves on the side of a hill smack of ultimate  skill

that's the  lesson for the day.


  1. your article is great :)

    being able to ride the golf cart around the pond to exercise the dogs is a big deal too.?