Tuesday, April 14, 2015

april 14 2015
tina and ajay have arrived in a great flurry last night... and are up this morning wanting to help..
this is a good thing.

between accreditation and a screwed up interneit, i have not had much time to do anything enjoyable.

so the dd this morning is danm details--

cranney company is due in here today to work on the screwed up electral pannel in the laundry building..
the big heavy wire once went from teh house to the barn-- and i had a small magazine shed perched over the 5'deep wire..
and tehn the magazine business grew- so did the shed.. and finally i buile-- with my son in law's help, what is now the laundry building.  in the process-- a guy named george ( not veternarian) came round   he's  a very bright freind, when people began to insist on things like building permits etc.. he got his electrical, pluumbing, and whatever other permits he could grandfather into... his line of work was rocket scientist-- or something like that...- at any rate he pulled that deep wire up and hooked it up so we coul d pass electrical inspection- and then we started.. a wire for this   a circuit for that .  addthe t tent and a circuit in case we needed to weld-- to which we hooked the dryer..  in other word life went on.. and along the way we misplaced th emetAL COVER- and had to build a cabinet over it. 

shielas husband- an electritian- has been a nervous wreck ever since he saw that spaggetti bowl of wires..  so the crannie company is coming tiday to just plain fix it.  in the process install a proper wall furnace/ac-- and i hav not told then  yet that the hot water heater quit.
other minor disaster is there is so much snow that the million dollar dry well off the laundry  ain't dry -- and the entire aresa is afloa  the one off teh barn is ok--  as that alundry washer gets more tired, the concept of puttin one in the house cellar looms possible and the septic system here is -- supposed to be enough for a small motel... so that may be the way to go when we get the annenberg grant.  lugging laundry in muck buckets is constant- and irht now  the only working washer is in the barn..;

cranney is here.  we will loose elect  for 10 minutes morning and night as  we deal with elect in the t tent    camera   comes from there

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