Wednesday, April 15, 2015

april 15 2015
sheila drove up from florida to take her friend for chemo all last week.  . last night she died..
in an entire lifetime you don't get many really good friends..i think sheila lost one last night.

it is possible to forget the people who made you miserable,
  but those who made you really laugh you never forget
---even i don't forget them !

however i sometimes forget to contact them.. and then something like sheila's friend happens.
!   so that is a project for the day. touch tendrils (even tho i think my high school friends bobbie, steve and dar read this???)

it is no secret i am less than thrilled at this^&%**((&*& accreditation...i hate the whole thing... and then a piece comes to rest where sheila( obrien who  will be our 'inspector') with her long red fingernailos, is.. i hate to say correct.. but ?helpful??

 had an email from jon hice ( annenberg foundation) questions about our 990 form... which involves "these %*)()_(*_) 'policies' that sheila is badgering me about.... typically the entire- section  gets all checked "no"-- no joint ventures, no ceo compensation, no tanning booth kind of thing... but in th emiddle i could say yes to -- we do have a policy of locking up documents and disposing by burning in the fireplace... and i think i saw in the last accreditation , a written  whistleblower  policy... whatever that is..

 i emailed  the answers( tina checked the spelling)  and said theresa would type an official letter in the morning--- thankfully he said "no need to do that "
i am assuming the answers were  ok-- it never occurred to me he could just as well have been telling me they were all useless.

we are a small efficient  episode without many of the complicatons of running general motors.  like how often do the directors meet?.. well they are  in and out of here at least 1 per  week- do we write a report?  whatever happens is in this  daily doggie... iprobably not what thei irs types had in mind... but it is wonderful to deal with someone who can make that work..  the value of content... not appearences of content.

also -- hopefully his email indicates they were getting ready to write checks-  there ae a couple projects on hold til we have that grant money in hand.... or bank...
another washer dryer in the cellar is high on the list.  the laundry wascomatt is getting old-- it has lead a hard life-- and rather than replace it-- i think adding  too the laundry project in the house would be most helpful

ryan i s supposed to be getting the green golf cart out and working --??? today???  i hate to see people carrying tubs of laundry down the driveway.
and the pond is open.... it is mudsville-- big time-- the  huge wad of snow on the hill is still draining into the pond, but i did managet  to get out to the 'compost' pile and add1000 pounds of lime and turn it all over... churning up the pile is a perfect job for someone who wants to learn to use the back hoe.-- it is in 3 sections current ..semi old   ---  and old ( about 3 years??)
someday we may be able to try and  have grass and mow... we don't mow the lawn, we mow the green weeds.
april 15th ?? isnt that hte day we have to file for an extesion??
historically the local libraries have all the forms needed... because .. you will not believe this...  some of the irs forms online are not to be used to file-- they are practice ones- you have to get the identical ones in the mail...

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