Saturday, April 18, 2015

april 18 2015
we are hugelky lucky to have  some of the volunteers/staff that we do... like pam 
 who has tremendous organizational skills. (and has been a short order cook inb her career...)
her  occasional  spectacular wisdom is lovely. " whatever the  reason for anything, raising your voice at the person who signs your paycheck is a bad career move."-- brilliant !!!
if that gives me any insulation, i think i am pleased...

for instance.... yesterday we ( steve,tina and we met laura) took dogs ( moriah,charlie , lumin and eroy) to her school in hamilton- the kids were great-- and loved the dogs and pups... -- but therte was one.. child "A"  ... there always is ...started to pick up a pup... and i asked her not to-- and she put it right down nicely...  then later, the pups were behind me and i didn't see another kid pick up a pup-- 
so child A says to me " i thought you said we could not pick up the pups"..
and i.." i did" 
child A " well how come you let her?"

this concept  "well i caught you in an obvious lie which hurt my feelings and therefore you are not being fair and are a bad person"
i have to live with  now and again...the fact that i -- for so many reasons- can not say what my reasons are, i have to sit by- bite my tongue  and watch things get twisted  to meet agendas that bewilder me. 
fact twisting is an art perfected by child "A" and just a couple people around here.
it is awful.. and at times it hurts me-- and others.

bless all of you who are type "B thru Z"

for instance, i have to make a rule to accomodate the least capable person--( as in don't pick up the pups) so  then no one can.
then we started th e  purple shrirt bit - to id who  could do what... and immediately we had  how come i don't have a purple shirt...
sometimes  i just plain did not get  around to it... sometimes i don't konw if we have any-- and sometimes i worry that it would  be misinterpretded to mean privlidges-- particlularly  verbal-- like giving out  sdp policies and opinions...  i tried teh 500 hours rule and immediately got "why did the woman who washed the teepee get a purple shirt?"  ( sound like child A???) i can tell you why.. she was given a job... a big job....... she went away cheerfully to do a great job on just that without branching out into  giving guided tours.
i bet i have had at least a  1/2 dozen nasty emails pretaining to that concept and mentioning the teepee washing as  proof that  i broke the 500 hour rule and are not being fair.

now megan is having  to figure out how to  let some people walk dogs -- around here-- around town--  around teh mall and around a super market.... without hurting anyones feelings...

problem is... there are always  child "A" types  who's feellings  are all set to be hurt... 

 well life isn't  fair- get over it. we  do not have time to untwist every rumor that goes thru facebook.
back to pam's variety of jobs....
i wonder who was collecting the odd jobs alot of us have had... starting with my satelite tracking,  lic tug boat captain.and  engineer/pastry chef who was on our first "board"   it would be an impressive list ....
steve as come in with a beautiful  cake-- which grace called  breakfasts of champions.
it is the last day of his school for a while  so tehy empty the icebox and our volunteers then chickens are the benefactora- apparently we have a huge quantity of  salad, shreded potatos,  cubed chicken adn sausages.

on top or the lamb chops i bought yestrday 

we should survive