Thursday, April 2, 2015

april 2 2015
finally -- a rubber ducky day...
i do shower nightly , but an occasional soak in the tub with my rubber ducky is a treat.  so i did that today.

my check off list is nearly done... if we could just get this accreditation over with-- janine sent in all the answers tyo sheila( obrien's)questions and today... 

we have a cp here  who is going to check all fire extinguishers-- you know.... those red cylindars that need to have a  red arrow sign over them that says fire extinguisher-- 
 the RED ARROW manufacturing  lobby in Washington is very active and a law is a law...  however---my  theroy is that  as you are running out the door of a burning building you grab the fire extinguisher which is next to the door.  the one next to the stove which is on fire is unaccessablke due to the flames-  which singed the red arrow so you could not find the cylindar./

second  only to the   mandatory "exit sign on all buildings"-- even our  t tent which has no walls.

all that being said--- and that is just the startt---  i am in agreement  with the concept of this accreditation inspection.  anyoine can hang up a sign that says trainer- and they  (ADI---assistance dog international)  want to be certain the trainers are seriously invested in the program.

to do this  ADI formed a committee  who designed the rules... 
therein lies the tale of "a camel is a horse which has been designed by a committee)  problem.

 they should look at the dogs produced and the methods...
.any fool can fill up papers.... as whitnessed by my perfect IQ test in 3rd grade...

for you  new camera people ---.....  we -- little kids in third grade --were given an IQ test and  by the time they  distributed the #2 pencils, i had investigated this wad of papers that was teh test...( i probably was ADHD---)  anyway. they were glued together ina funny way  with strange marks arrainged in such a way that any mark made on the answer part would -- with carbon paper -land on tha second sheet..--so i never read the questions.. just made the marks that landed where they wanted them.  i got called to the principas office-- and i never dared to admit how i had done it-  i did tell my mother- who was PRESident of the parent teachers association (PTA)   who was ashamed to admit her kid had to cheat on an IQ test.

that is why i have been condemned to a  scholastic carreer  of  report cards  --"could do better" -- especially in spelling...... obviously.
NEXT---- there is the addiction to the social media
my daughter gwen  - and albert eiensten have decided   the same thing

albert's quote " I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction.  The world will have a generaation of idiots"

her  quote   " I had to wait  to talk to an employee  because a 60 year  woman  had to text her 30 year old son 
 to tell him his socks were in the dryer. "

It would be a real study to try and understand why the kids ( under 40) feel they have to reach out to associates electronically
the only positive thing with that is it will cut down on  unintended pregnancies.
i better quit there...

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