Monday, April 20, 2015

april 20 2015
i have already done 2 of those 3 paragraph blogs this morning -- so somehow i mentally figure the dd is done- and i am ready to eat left overs and drinki coffee

there was a guy a few weeks ago who was acusijng me of collecting donated  money and getting rich on it..- i sent him a financial statement and never heard from him again...

however ... if the truth be known... we  do collect food at  sunday stews and that becomes breakfast lunch and dinner for a good part of the week.  i saw someone come in with a  pan type dish which she said was full of chicken- and as she went by she muutered somethg about mayonase and a couple toher things and crums of csome kind.. .. i didn't have any of that yesterday, but i just had some for breakfast-- it was good !!  i wish i could pass on the recipie .. (so more people cold make it and bring ti)

i did manage to get some of the scooter chili-- that was darn good too.  it was not super hot, but klaren knows how to use the spice "with authority"
camera mark became costco mark for the afternoon-- to everyone's delight... actually that isn't fair-- barbara  was a significant part of the hambergur production

it being the 19th of the moneth  we did have a super cake- from a specialty cake in danvers--- beacues annie couldn't pick up the meister cake from cape cod-- or wherever...  it wasn't bad...- it also wasn't as big as the meister one was.. the meisteron e was to feed 80 people ( we finished that in  a normal day-- not even stew day)  this one was to feed40 so i bought cupcakes to  add... and we finished 94%-  sent the rest home with a mneighbor..

we had strangers-- alot- who want to come help-- and a couple of applicants-  the way that is going is to send in an inquiry as described on the web...send it snail mail so i don't have to beg the printer for a copy... we go over those and send some kind of letter   yes, no, or come visit,

so yesterda y one person went from a probably not.. to a maybe somehow..-  it helps to actually meet these applicants and see if there is a chance a dog of ours would help them.
as opposed to this %$^&&*!! accreditation method of requiring a whole bunch of hyppa medical  latin and i do not have a clue what it all means-- let us think.... we are dealing only with mobility-i do not care if a person has his hearing aid professionally maintained ( ACTUALLY A QUESTION IN THE ADI FORM).. or   . if a guy says he has an amputated leg, i don't need a physician's letter to tell me.  i put far more weight on "do you have a handicapp permit?"  and a visual of how the person moves.... because the mvb can deal with  that doctor bit and dx and hyppa  - and i can burn all the hyppa stuff so i don't have to lock it up and send all the staff for hyppa certification once a year..
next problem-- the cellar-- had a significant pile of water in one spot, which being undr my shower, it was assumed to be the source..  well... in my vast plumbing experience with  rogue piles of water from leaking pipes and roofs.  i looked up- at the cieling- and there was no mark where it might have dripped... of one thing i am very sure-- water flows down hill- except for maybe a brief squirt up, then it all goes down... bud agreed

we washed the green golf cart ---(bud got the garage door open... see yesterday's failure)  abd as we were finishing up. we just happened to notice  a 12 " wide rapidly flowing stream coming out the cellar door. the pressure washer  does not always call for water , so a back pressure is maintained-- this was more than the small slit ( which must have been in the frost free hydrant) could stand and burst--  firing water up and then down..

so this accreditation - where i am to list safety hazards,... i have to add.... if the fuze box is full of water , don't touch it.

i have said to adi, it is impossible on a farm to anticipate the hazards--  i would never have thought a fuze box woul dcollect water sprayed on it... but it did.

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