Saturday, April 25, 2015

april  25 2015
usually i watch the science channel, but today it was th e  CNN news--  and there are sooo mnay things i do not understand...

a 7.something earthquake with buildinhg collapsing and  aftershocks. and someone is advising people to stay inside so they don't get hit with anything...
how about the building they are inside of?????  seems to me it is a perfect time to have a picnic in the park...
and then the bunch with the volcanio about to explode again, worrying about walking away from it  because it was about to rain...

they have to sound so sincere about  the news.. but is anyone listening to the details??
enough of world problems and on with  the poo report

we have gone from --- noisy pancakes--- to pancakes-- to soft serve icecream .. this is emense progress.
my kingdom for a cylindar !!!
we have had this before-- i think it is a combination oif things--  they have been wormed... and it is time again... and it could be going outside with the giardia ( all over new england  ground watger thanks to the canadian geese) so they have ad 3 days of flagyl-- and are about to start the 30 days of tylan-- just a pinch of absolutely foul tasting stuff that gets airborn the minute you open the jar.. tylan?? what do i know?? somehow it started the rounds as a product to put in turkey's water-- and from there to treating scours in baby pigs-- tehn many years ago someone suggested it for  our dane we will do that... they certainly have upset tummies.. i will also go back to my old friend dr thebeault-- who said there was nothing wrong with a dog's gut that would not be cured by buttermilk and stringbeans..  well... the concept of the culture buttermilk/yougurt kind of stuff and some  stringbeans  has some logic to it..  i may shortcut the deal with acidophylisis and string beans... but that is the plan.. plus get the pinch of tylan in them somehow-- probably by spoon - hopefully they won't notice..

we are going thru pee pads... we have alot.. but they are getting used big time .
bryan ( veternarian-- horse type)  came to assess 40.. who has been "off"   not really lame.. just "off"- he gave me a long explination about why-- (right front- we had that right) he said as long as i didn't race around on him-- or jump fences he should be fine... and if i need to take him in a parade let him know and he can make him 100% sound for that.- and my use of him as a mobile chair he should get better in 6 months to a year.-- it is usually very slight- and the therapy for it is walking around-- no chasing cows- which is what bryan thought has caused this.

i need odd pictures of our dogs for this blog i am writing for explore..  they suggested weekly... the  best kind would be odd pictures involving a veteran and their dog doing something i can write 3 paragraph's about..
i think you get therer from and tehn blog.. and scan down thru the normal pictures-- and there are a few oif ours that are not simply  a person sitting with a dog.
pray for a better poo report  tomorrow-