Tuesday, April 21, 2015

april 21 2015
what kind of night was it??   
in keeping with the   glass  1/2 full   vs 1/2 empty concept.... a huge thunderstorm went thru here last night and i am pleased to announce .   we have 2 white pups who did not have a problem with thunder.

not a problem-- just different handling... first and foremost  "grab and feed"  is #1.    a deaf dog must assume that being startled involves being fed treats-- and my favorite training device  for deaf is a fly swatter with a kleenex stuffed in it.  wave that around and spoon feed couple times and  later on any piece of white--- like papertowel  or notice  from the irs... is all you need. 
 that "this page left intentionally blank" is particul;arly good.

before the world comes down on me for breeding  dogs who could possibley produce a white/deaf.... 
there have been many studies done of the genetics of harlequin bloodlines... and teh arguement that the rescues are full of white deaf danes--- they may be someone elses' danes - BUT NOT OURS .  we have a policy of chipping all our pups  regardless of color....and having our name remain  as the "second contact" on the reg paper...  it is possible ot avoid teh birth of a white pup by having one parent be black-- and if that was the only concern-- fine... but we have to considert the entire dog-- like hips, kidneys and hearts.. not just the easily identifyable concern- in much of the literature a merle is considered the big problem--but  the harlequin ( the more desireable color for showing) has about the same numbers...

and take a look at  white  bailey---  perfect hips and a bunch of other things-- perfectly trained---active lifestyle--.... i know it is not nice to tempt fate-- so i just checked... she is snoring loudly- breathing  nicely  at 12 years old- and counting.... parents both harls...  could have been deaf-- but isn't.

it does mean i need to take an active role in starting these pups..
now that can be a problem.
lots of projects for me to do...

mark  suggested  it is tijme to address the fact that we get alot of people here on sundays... and the t tent gets crowded...
 we could use a much smaller rendition of the arena-- by clearspan-- in the farmtek catalog- there is one with a "skylight" and a smooth arch---possible to roll up the sides and just have a big umbrella over a 30 x 50 area for tables and just sitting out of th esun/rain  and still be "outdoors" they  are not as expensiove as wood constrruction, but  there will be significant site prep-- which we can do ourselves as long as no one gets too picky about things like right angles etc...and i may be able to encourage them to donate it... we did put that unobtrusive logo on the arena...  they have been kind....  this "tent" would help...

and a cobblestone floor like the t tent is definitely OUT !!  puttin g on the t tent extension was back breaking and expensive...  the t tent did not cost that much as i carried a screwdriver in my van and  found places to park that involved tth e demolition of a cobblestone road  before anyone realized you could sell those things for severl $$ each.
like newburgh new york  and charlestown mass.

for this we will use stone dust-- bertter for wheelchairs anyway.
but we will need truckloads of "fill"   and if you think buying an acre of land around here is expensive--t ry buying a truckload.

there is an old farmer's joke about  the city guy offering to buy some of a farmers land  for $1000 an acre and the farmer says "young fellow, you come round with a wheelbarrow and i will sell you $1000 worth."
today schedule--
maybe trying to get bentley to play a piano for a possibel calendar shot
and maybe lunching at another lobster place in search  for  a cateror for dogfest.

tough day-- somebody's got to do it./

Hi Carlene, Megan, Grace & SDP people,
 Princess Ruckus & I have been busy since we finally got a break in the weather.  We have something in common, love to be outside.  We were busy last week at school while the students were on break from taking those Common Core tests.  We will be doing the same this week.  I saw that some of the Dutchies were doing the same thing at Laura’s school.  It was great to see the faces of kids change from that “stressed out look” to a smile.  Our middle school students were making tissue flowers to decorate for a upcoming dance.  I've attached a picture of Princess Ruckus with her flower.  Please note the shades of purple.  I also fenced in my back yard & purchased a used conversion van.  Princess Ruckus was a tight squeeze in my PT Cruiser.  I think back that we have only been together for 8 wounderful weeks.  She has become a focal part of my life giving me confidence, help, friendship & love.  Last week with Princess Ruckus’s help I was able to go down the steps to my 3 season room, walk out the door, & walk around my back yard.  It was a “happy teary” moment because I've not been able to do this for a couple of years.  Carlene, the words Thank You are just not enough for how you and SDP have helped me regain & maintain my independence.  So, I purchased some chicken bricks!!  May I be shat upon!!
Attached are 3 pictures of Princess Ruckus: 1. At middle school with her flower & look of why are you doing this to me 2.  Helping me to walk in the backyard &3 playtime!!
Carlene feel free to use this in your DD & SDP Facebook page
Thanks so much
Princess Ruckus & Carolyn 

i don't know how to put it in facebook-- maybe someone else can.??? or on the explore blog???
i dunno...

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