Thursday, April 23, 2015

april 23 2015
sounds like a very exciting daily doggie today... about names and addresses--- mostly about  spirit sticks..... and putting your name on them-- however.....
spirit sticks are  a hand held,  sometimes creative, bit of  paraphanelia fpr  dog fest.
for those who can not come here- for whatever reason- but want to be here in spirit, you are encouraged to make and send a spirit stick-- usually involving your photograph---   which we then will hold before the cameras in the  ethereal   spirit stick parade... these willl be exibited --stuck in the ground in the teepee until the parade, and then shown before the camera.. aftert the  parade they will all waft skyward as we all sit around a ceremonial fire   searing the dogfest memories in our brains.  how's that  !!
ok.... no way do i mean to styme an\yone's creativity,  but we do need some  GUIDELINES    because these spirit sticks in years gone by  have involved  a very pequiliar  collection of dreamcatchers and silver pendants.. so these are suggestions......
  paint stirrers seem to be a perfect start to the contraption...  even several paint stirrers-- but it must  be able to be held in one hand... the material used must all be burnable---metal is frowned upon-- duct tape is the tricky part....
they should be one sided-- for holding to the camera...- and on the other side if you include your  name and  address  you might... not necessarily , bu t might get some momento back from the  episode.***** tina mentioned that not everyone wanted their name and address put befor the cameraq... well.... it should not be- but if you are sensative about it ... don't  include your name and address----or...... if you don't want your name used... how about your camera names---- anotehr way arounhd would be to put "occupant" with your street adddress... heaven knows i get alot of mail to occupant.-- but no address-- no toy..*****my point is.....sometimes well hidden.... but here goes...too often a decision gets made to cater to a few individuals- ( usually the  CAN'T  group) and a whole group is affected.  i will not stop the whole project  because a few might have a reason to remain  anon..... ****we ( ipsiwch)  don't have a dog park because a few  notivated individuals in ipswich campaigned to not have tax money be spent on  it and the thousands of  dog owners have to live witha leash law and  no dog park  --- when they pay taxes too.--
or try the immediate arguement  which heldo for years....- you can't bring a dog in here.. WHAT IF---someone might be alergic..that kind of opinion is far more detrimental  to society in general than the occasional sneeze.****i honestly do not know how schools manage a bunch of parents between  the mom who insists  her kid be included in    the calculus class thereby comprimising the group and the kid with a minor problem with a latin name  for whom mom  wants  special ed.. thereby comprimising the kid.  
 with enough testing every kid will have something  with a latin name...  remember the kid a few weeks ago who's handwriting was sooo bad i could not read a word of the note he left me.--when i asked how he was doing in math  he said "failing" -- his immediate problem there is the details of an equation are lost in poor writing.- his resason was "i can't write better, i have ADHD. "  -- which i had not noticed... and around here if a kid really has adhd... it is noticeable..
  he had an excuse--   nice kid too... what a shame--- he had excused himself from success.*****TRAINING ???SOMEONE ASKED WHY CANNED?  which is a good question .. it is about the same stuff as the dryed-- only you are paying for 78% water.however....
The canned food at this stage is because they LIKE it big time... and we use that for training--within A MONTH WE SHOULD HAVE THEM SITTING, WAITING THEIR TURN   AN and very shortly after  coming forward when their name is called...  an advance group might even learn to back up  with this cann food training method ( exclusively sdp's  !!!)*************
from pam...We need all hands on deck both Saturday and Sunday! We will be cleaning from 9-5 both days. There will be large a large white board by the Ttent with a running list of all tasks we need to complete. This will include things like putting away all winter gear, painting, raking, poo picking in all the fields, organizing storage areas, cleaning the arena, laundry room, training room and guest house, etc… We also will need help with daily dog care, so come on by! I will be here both days to help facilitate. Lunch will be provided. Thanks so much! J

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