Friday, April 24, 2015

april 24 2015
in an effort to broaden my internet capabilities, i tried finding the "blog" written by ethyl's  partner julia  and not being terribly handy with  the process, i was astounded to hae the  daily doggie be lkisted  in 4 or 5 of teh google suggestions...

her blog - or whatever it is, is worth finding-- it is in  several parts  she writes well..
it was especially interesting to me to hear how she fussed over details about being "eligable" for a dog-  when  in fact after reading her medical history and her husbands military gobbletygoo, the icing on the cake was ... somewhere i saw in her writing when she came back to the states  from germany, she questioned why the toilets had so much water in them.
now there is a thinking person.  !!!  she  should do fine...- besides that her husband is a delightful guy.
hopefully after a stint in  ? mosorurrri?  they will be back in the new england area...  i was going to say massacheuettes but couldn't sopell that either.
maybe her blog  is on facebook???? 
in the process  i ran into a wall street jopurnal article-- 
now that is worth reaing too.. a simple $1 method of neutering dogs that makes them sterile and reduces agression 70%

reducing aggession???   boy------ could i think of alot of places to use that.  !!  fortunately  it would mostly be countries i don't know how to spell ether..   i am always fascinated by the number of men in some of these countries running around some town square with a rifle  raised high over their heads-- between wondering who raises e food to feed them, and  why i see no portapotties, i stay bewildered.

megan and steve are working very well together helping wendy and hunter  ev ery day this week......
and then there is the clearspan building-- i found one whch sounded perfect, yet every timje i try and show someone, i can not find it.  you would think....... finally... if anyonw wants to get in on this... i have asked my friend at   to make me an offer i can't refuse for    PB00680R4W    which would work like a big umbrella, with sides roulled up.. and it is one of the simpler and cheaper models...30  x 40  .. and david already has the  area ready for prepping..

this will be a do it yourself project...   15 ' tall... will be fun...
somebody said the wierd things at the end of yesterday's dd  were some translation done by google.   i did not do it on purpose...
***** i noticed it when thses stars i use to deliniate topics  were envelopes instead.
one quick note on garbage can lids--
garbage cans as designed do pretty well with garbage/trash- i use those 2 terms interchangabley.
but around the farm the normal 55 gal drum for storing animal food  is suplimented by garbage cans--to hold maybe some layer pellets  - or a little  puppy food instead  of the dog food which is in the 55 gal... at any rate  there always seems to be the 
ubiquitous trash can.  the problem which can be costly and deadly..., is that when a lid is dented--- and it often is... the center collapses down so the lowest part of the lid  is the handle...   doesn't sound like much ... yet....

well... from my vast experience of discovering water runs down hill.   if that lid is  ' depressed'   the next rainstorm will collect all that rain and run it down to the handle-- which when it was put on the lid, left 2 pinholes... all that rain drips inot the barrel of food  in 2 tiny 'channels'  so it does not get noticed- until you get to the bottom and  you have 8 inches of green dusty molding mess.
duct tape will not solve teh  problem-- but a simple  whack with the toe of your boot- will revearse the dent, thus returning the lid to it's more respectable shape.
what started this???
in th e process of lining up the proposed new tent. i came to a duct tape repair of a can of layer pellets with moldy bottom

i keep struggling to make farmers out of  a bunch of city people.  no way shojuld anyone look down at the farming profession...
it take a very intelligent /observant farmer to be successful..... 
besides they feed us... and don't you forget it... !!