Sunday, April 26, 2015

april 26 2015
i wish we could tape pam talking to these pups... it is amusing...
"gronk- will you stay in your own dish"--
" now stop that -- it is not yours"
"hey  stop that   no chewing..  knock it off  !"

she is getting their breakfast ready and including thier first tylan dose
really just a pinch- 

for the poo report--
3 pretty good cylindars  ( picked up with a tissue....    more cohesion than adhesion)
5 soft mounds and 
1 flat pancake  drip

progress is being made..
good puppies... i just happened to catch the group effort to move the big pillow over to the sofa
it w ould be nice to think it was planned, but it was amusing anyway....
as they all pushed and shoved in unison.
with the help of a noisy purina dog food bag, they are learning to concentrate on objects other that each other's ears

opal is being good with them - at least at teh moment...

they need more out and about now... it is the case of " too many rats in a cage will fight"
we tried yesterday or a megan march... without megan... and we gopt 3 out of 9-- the rest had to take the puppy bus down to v pen.-- it was a little chilly, but thanks to my son in law's dog house, it  has a little heater which laura reported as comfortable.
you all may not realize - to access the camera for the  V pen,  click on the thumbnail of the picture of the harlequin dog.  early in the morning it also gives you the sunrise picture... plus a view of teh driveway as we try and march with pups.../
lesson for the day-- turnip cooking..
pam is not only great withteh pups, she has great cooking experience.  i never would have thought to  pressure cook an entire turnip with the skin on.. - certainly less complicatedf than to try and whack  away at the outer layer to peal it.

while i am at it...tiny onions-- 30 seconds in boiling water, then cold-- and  cut off the flat end--and squeeze.
i have a pretty good start on a dress for the mannequin made out of dog food bags... -- we really need a full wardrobe of clothing made with purina  bags and.. whatever..-- i mean we need to do a good job on this project... it could mean a  steady supply of purina food....  so think accessorizing-- necklace,  sunglasses, boots.belts  etc.. along with blouse and skirts...
and speaking of rats... or some similar shaped  beast out of the woods...  pam heard something on the porch.  it was big enough to set off the motion detector- she kicked the can and somethign  about 8 inches long ( not including  tail) scurried down into A field..  my guess is a rat--  but 8" plus tail is a pretty big rat..  with that stream and swampy area in "A" it could be a few things.
which reminds me of the  wild pig problem "down south"  the wild pigs are   intelligent, hardy, fast  and prolific... and moving north..
you don't hear much about it-- i am not too sure why  not..--because i have personally seen the devastation caused by a group  out of control in a disney " perfect  town"-- and 2 horse friends -- one in florida-- the other in georga-- have complained of the increasing amt of feed crop being eaten by these huge wild pigs--usually at night.   they are very similiar to rats... except they weigh hundreds of pounds.
back to  finding more dog food bags for dress design.
never thought wanting to play withdogs would involve fashion design--  cameras, or lally columns in th e basement. .
but  so it is...

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