Monday, April 27, 2015

april 27 2915
best news this morning ( i think) symon had an huge bowel  "emptying"    .. which hopefully means  things are moving... and he is drinking  some water-- even if he  is throwing up some of it...
think back a few days-- smaller version --- maybe--- wiht may and one of the white pups... not eating  or drinking.. but thiers lasted only one day... simon is into third day which is why we gave him fluids yesterday.  i just tried food-  he still wants none of it.  GEORGE>> ANY SUGGESTIONS?  we would have to force feed a pill- because he is eatin g nothing..

grace is in today about 10  and she  can give him more fluids .. wonderful having his own private nurse...  which reminds me   the fluids we gave woere slightly outdated... i am very  glad we had them outdated or not...  but i will order more today..
this accreditation,, we checked the pill department... i never thought of the  fluids...  maybe symon was sent to remind us.

last night the camera people noticed he had thrown up in his bed and overnight had n ot noticed... someone called here but i  was sound asleep and  couldn't find the phone in time--  i checked him over - he looked fine - because he had thrown up water and i couldn't see it in his bedding.  so tracy called-- and she todl me to go look again.. which i did-- one end of  his bed was soaked..
if it bothered him , he still had the choice of  the barker bed which we left  there just in case... i had to force him  out the door- he clearly told me he did not feel good and wanted no part of going out-- which he may have thought was typically leash= for a car ride.... we got out the doort aqnd he vfery politely turned around and swtood looking at the door..  he was very relieved that i listened to him and took him back in to a clean bed...  the next time we wanted to take him out, he went more willingly...
so about listening to the dogs...
some woman-- called about 4pm yesterday to complain that one of our staff had beenb extremely rude to her..  i asked who, what did she lookk like.... and it was evident very quickly that  i was the one...--- unfortunately i said i ws not as rude as i wanted to be...  but she didn't even hear  that...
situation was  her kid - about 12 year old-- was swinging a rope in front of the pups... and by mistake breifly hit one in the nose... so the pup backed away... no disaster yet...  problem was the kid did not understand why the pup did not want to get near him so he moved toward it--- the pup ducked ?her? tail and walked away and  started up puppy hill- i called  and said don't chase the pup-- he continued -not in arrogance but just did not understand... so i yelled  "stop"  and he did...and went to  his mother who was there with 3 other kids.-- the pup went over th e  hill and came round to try and join the group of siblings and he moved toward the pup again... i said very firmly  "hold it... whoa....  let me explain  "   as the pup had already ducked tail and was moving  away.
i started to try and explain that we needed to leave that pup alone for a while... bu tht e group; gathered and left..
til..... mommy got on the phone...".MY CHIL.D WAS NOT CHASING THE PUPPY... how rude it was  of me etc etc etc...I WAS RIGHT THERE..  I KNOW  ALL ABOUT  DOGS, I HAD A DOG ONCE... your people skills "....( i told her i was famous for my people skils- it could have been  much worse...)

she would not listen to the fact that--- according to what the puppy thought, he was chasing her -.. i did manage to get in the fact that  i would do exactly that again because our concern is for our dogs and  this place does not exist as entertainment for her children.  she did not like that  and said she would not be back...   i am heartbroken..
at any rate -- 
i could not tell which black pup it was even tho when i went in the kennel and one ran.... it  must be addressed today..  when colleen wantd to take one home and to work with her, she took the harl  lumin... so i could try and figure this out today...  scooter karen said they all came to the fence for cookies.  but i am pretty sure we have not seen the end of that episode.
then to the other side of that coin..... i am reminded regularly-- of a lesson my mother drummed in our heads when i was very young..." if a police officer says stop, you stop"   i don't know why she felt it so necessary to drum that into the head   of an 8 year old red headed  little  girl-- and i wonder if all mothers tell thier children that... or maybe all moithers  should be telling thier kids that.... you do not run.
i did pass it on to my kids-- as horse people would phrase it "they have a good whoa on them"  and i tried to pass it to my grandson, but i don't think it sunk in.

it has alwayus been clear around here-- if someone yells   " whoa "   you stop first and ask why later.  
now i hear  british petrollium has developed the same policy in their advertisements.  .. "every person on the job in the gulf has the right to stop the entier operation"

we did manage to get the fridge relpoacted to the back of the t tent.. and we are ready to progress with the  new building project.
 i emailed them last week and suggested it might be nice if  they could  be kind... etc....  hopefully  i heaqr shortly
spelling errors--- are not all spelling errors.
when you get old your fingers get much fatter and push several keys at once3...  so iuf you study the errors and the keyboard many time you will find my  errors are thge key next to the one intended or several keys at once/.
when symon refused teh canned food , i turned around and was surrounded by 9  almost sitting puppies...   i went thru that can quickly... but they were very good.... and the "that's all"  command is waving open fingers horizongtally over their heads.

trainin lesson of the day....
that is another concept the dogs need to know..  the "ok" release.
many people forget to release a dog--- they will tell a dog to sit... then smile  "see what i made the dog do? and very soon the dog wanders off... that is one of the best ways to untrain a dog... let them decide when they do not have to follow a command.
i much prefer " you sit there danm it til i tell you it is ok to get up and go play  "  
that works better in the long run.  but you can't forget.