Tuesday, April 28, 2015

april 28 2015
- i have my orders about what to do here with the rest of these guys... like give them all their  updated shots..  which we have 75 units  in the rrefreigerator... -- grace just checked...
george did say  the blood report showed  - his kidneys seem fine..blood show s massive infection.. as yet unknown... i asked about dog flu or whatever-- he said no that is respiratory..
he mentioned the  word parvo- which is not music to my ears either...
parvo is why there is a hook in the middle of the kitchen-- behind the sink-- you can probablyt see it-- we hang everything from it 

it is there because one of my very first litters all got parvo at about 12 weeks and i had 8 on iv drips  with vomit and diarrhea all over---- it seems they got it while their headgear was still on from ear cropping.-- and it was before i had any help at all--    they all made it-- and that hook is a constant reminder of carrying puppies into my shower for a hose down. and my husband wearing sneakers in the shower.

i did tell george i had been wrong on his age-- that he was just a year old- and george said "HolySSSttt !!~ he is one huge dog- i thought you were going to be breeding them smaller??? "  that litter is big...
now we canbv e neurotic about any dog not eating .. so we have started a list..
  so far this morning 
 victoria and ava...  bailey does not always eat breakfast anyway.. today she did...

for those who thought someone should  be holding symon's paw in the middle of the night.... i thought of a perfect paralell
have you ever just come out of surgery and are enjoying the  drug induced sleep and had some nurse come along and ask you how you feel and would you like a nice back rub  ...  get lost lady... let me enjoy my drugs -  i need my sleep more than conversation...
that is the state of symon-- last night and night before last...
so everyone who had unkind thoughts of  our overnight help... i expect  to find  i'm sorry   appology notes  to be in the mail to her...

and as penance go buy some  bricks--- we are behind !!!
 he is still one very sick dog-  i think he is in the right place- and we will go visit him -- and take food-- maybe boil some chicken

thank you all for not playing the 20 20 hindsight  what if   game---- i have not given you every littel detail.. i can not.. i have other things to do to try and keep the rest of this place going straight--- and maybe don't have time to explain every detail- 

 best advice ...pray... we ain't out of the woods yet.

a cut and paste from a camera person.... re my mother lecturing about when a policeman says stop... you stop.
my mom did the same about the policeman...maybe it’s an East Coast thing???  the rogue men I’ve known in my life never stop...for policemen

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