Wednesday, April 29, 2015

april 29 2015
symon's alive---megan slept on the tile floor with him last night.... and had semi pleasent reports  as did george... peeing --massive diarrhea still -- and bright green-- which did not amaze george.. megan said it looked like the birthing fluids  we often see--
-not eating but did keep 2 pill pockets down  which is progress.. teh drooliong head shake is 99% better... george said his "rejection when you put food in front of him is better... he did not gag at the site of dog food-- and even stuck his nose in a can of  purina- and even licked it once.  we have boiled chicken thighs and  chicken livers on deck... george is such a pessimist -- tries to prepare you for the worst then you are pleased if anythign else happens... his logic is correct-- but  damnmn  annoying..
he is standing  and walking around out to pee--

 ..  i have left a standing order that if he developes an iintussusception he is to be put to sleep.  that intuss is painful, surgery not  1/2 success  rate and he is in such terrible shape that he is a surgical risk anyway.  

so many times i have said to the  recipients and  camera people   you give them a happy life and when it is no longer happy, you let them sleep.  does not make it any easier  at my end either.. worried not only about symon but  all the people waiting for dogs, knwoing we are short pups due to opal an d  miriah both missing pregnancy... and now noel pregnant- but has been living with walter who is showing signs of a minor case of whatever.

we should get some lab studies this morning...  but didn't yet...

i have been up most the night  

so i will get this semi go


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