Friday, April 3, 2015

april 3 2015
instead of sh#tting sunday---- this is SOS sunday  (sold out sunday) with the biggest  bunch of quick picks ever,   since we put the numbers on the board totally at random-- if you watch us start at about 2:30 sunday in the arena - i would hate to think of anything but random-- there is no way our group of sticker onners could keep anything in numerical order...-- guarenteed all numbers get on the board once in the  "mid" area... then we fill in the sides with  a second set..  most times the chickens stay in the mid area, but not always-   

for all you new camera people.... we put the numbers on 4 to a  3" square  on the sides of the square... because many times  the goop produced has to be cut and weighed in a very methodical manner to determine who gets the  certificate for becoming a  shatupon society member...  the process involves putty knives,  preweighed toilet paper. and dixie cups plus  tweezers -- since the winner is determined by weight, mopping up each dribble is mandatory.  and the first rule is .. "rules may be changed by the judge to meet the circumstances." 

 annie said she would try and get "supporting membership" cards to  people who did not get one for the december,january febuary mailing.
so by dogfest in september there should be alot of card carrying members in attendence !!!   let me once again....   i don't want to put any pressure on anyone for whom the $10  number might be a problem-- i have been there, done that in my life.. if  you can't do the $10 and you  let me know you have managed to get 2 friends to buy bricks, i will send a card. 

now that i think about the process... i have saved the envelopes ( addresses ) of the quick picks, but there were a few who had no addresses..  that will need straightening out somehow...

the blog
start with i am not totally sure what a blog is...  or why ... or how....

 if you go to the web of and click on dog bless you  and all blogs- or something like that... you will have a list of stuff-- which now includes blog from me... it is a photograph and then a short writeup which is geared to people who do not know about  us-- so it is written differently-  when  they called about the  latest grant, he asked if i would write a weekly blog for this blog place or whatever it is called..  the request was to take the more unusual road... so this latest is walter at the fridge.
because the blog  story just before him iw a perfectly trained lab opening and closing a refrigerator door.  
this blog of explore's  apparently goes out to 600,000 people who have never heard of us..  so i do have to tone it down a bit..  this is my 5th one-- and it is not bad... in my opinion. p.s.  they are correcting  my spelling because  of the 600,000 strangers might not understand..

i now need to locate a PP at least weekly-- that is a  "Pequiliar Picture" that i can develope soMe storeY  around-- darn...AROUND WHICH I CAN DEVELOPE A STORY..  they want correct grammer too-- can you imagine that?

and i have to stop using so many ands to string thoughts togethere.... ( among other things.)

i had quite a few comments about  how texting  is curing the over population problem.. i like one liner comments on fun topics. those act as a sounding  board.....but don't ever send me smething you don't want in the dd  unless it is boldly labeled  'NOT FOR THE DD"
i really thinkg the visitation by adi accreditation is getting closer--- they like to talk to someone who have our dogs- maybe a heads up to any of you who live closest- which would be renee/ thomas ..  they ahave been known  to call people too. to ask general questions...  if anyone does not want a call, maybe let me know and i will take your number  off the list.

Hi everyone!
Rogue is doing great!!! She is a very smart girl! Lately she has decided she needs to wake me up when my flashing/vibrating alarm goes off. She makes she I get up! No snooze buttons with her near! Smiles she shoves her head under the blankets and licks my feet until I'm up.  She is one funny dog!
She has been doing great! She loves to follow me everywhere and watches the kids very closely and let's me know about behavors she does not approve of. She is spy!
She is eating well!!! And has become very routine. I cannot forget her bedtime milkbone!  I get the stare down until I get up! She loves to be with me and is always ready to help! She must think I'm very clumbsy! Anyway thank u! I have been trying to come down for a recertification .. now that the weather is better I will try to come soon! Although I don't go shopping or out to places much she comes out with us most of the time when we do go places. She loves to be out!
Thank u
Melissa and rogue!

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