Saturday, April 4, 2015

april 4 2015
long night.. not much sleep- 
how bad was it???? i made a dozen monkey fists 
biggest news of the day- we made it to saturday !!
it is saturday ... isn't it??
and i forgot to buy lamb chops... so there's a costco trip

steve being  of greek origin has to have his lamb chops on saturday
( and everyone else doesn't mine either....) 
and do we ever have pound cake!!!!!  ... 4 big packages-- gteat stuff
  HOME MADE---no calories at all.
paula and blue gwen got to ripping thru here last night. stuff is tidyier
the STUDY  has to be asked
what gets used how often where.... and arrainge the supplies accordingly.

they got inspired to clean up ---and when they do... they do !!  
they put together bags of chocolate to give away on easter...

there is a basic problem --- when one item-- a padlock for instance- belongs in the shop
and we are not going there at the moment, so it gets put  in that big "somewhere"  in the house...
 so that when you need it, it is easier to go buy one than try and find it.

multiply that by thousands of  times over, and you 've got this house/farm.
properly sorted we would rival home depot for hardware.

add to that -- the many creative souls we are blessed to have. 
 they can always think oif something to do with the proverbial "pieces of string too short to use"

i actually have a bag of  "pieces of rope too short to use" --- that is for people wh want to learn to splice
(or at least how i splice rope.)
a perfect example-- annie has made a tote bag out of a purina dog food bag... all stapled perfectly
she hangs it to collect her plastic recycling.

those bags are wonderful-- we used them to slide down puppy hill in the snow.

 they make great trash bags too
meatcutter steve takes the cake, he saves toilet paper rolls and stuffs them with dryer lint
he says they make perfect fire starters.

there is a book?article? study? don by a woman who lived a year without creating any trash.
 she found a use for everything.. i need to avoid reading that
annie  said she woulod get on the shatupon supporters cards
soon -- for those new people who bought bricks in march.. 
 hopefully everyone who bought them in dec jan and  feb already have them.
on the docket -- make room for 4 pups... by the 9th

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