Sunday, April 5, 2015

april 5 2015
just to let you know how worldwide we are.....

I’m watching the @exploreorg#danepuppycam via…
 11:32 PM - 04 Apr 15
leaving me wondering- once again- if those are not alphabets type things... what are they?
and if they are concepts--- like sign language--- would my spelling be better off trying to write  in chinese?

 WHAT would happen if i  mis spelled things then???  is there  such a thing as mis spelling in chinese symbols???

when i order chicken wings and  the person makes a couple lines on his pad i always get chicken wings --- never once fried shrimp instead..
for a real heavy thought...... what is the purpose of communication anyway.. especialkly pertaining to texting.
 i like to  think the texting i get is only critical information - like from megan "do you want italian cold cuts?"  that has  some future activity/value.

but there is alot of texting of no practical significance  "blue towels were on sale last week at sears" has no future value..

then ---there is a catagorie of implied future value " that chicken salad sandwich i just ate was warm and tasted funny"

i am not sure which catagorie  into which tthis dd  falls.
sheila is back   opal was delighted to see her-- nearly knocking out 2 front teeth...
(implied value - a happy dane can be dangerous)

today is not only easter but chicken shlt sunday- (implied value- to let you all know how critical it is for you all to keep your support of  the shatupon society)
already steve is worried we may not be able to get roast lamb for next week... it being greek easter.
i bet costco has big plans for that event too..
and so it goes...

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