Monday, April 6, 2015

april 6 2015
 meaty steve and teh toilet paper roll may have prevented a house fire..
 i am really into not questioning why something happens whenever it does..

steve can elaborate on almost any topic with some personal experience story.. 
and the other night it was how he uses the dryer lint to start fires by stuffing
 it into an empty toilet paper tube.   steve are you kidding me, i am supposed to
stop everything and stuff dryer lint into aq toilet paper roll????

and then, as i changed the roll this morning, i remembered that-- and i remembered
 that i should not question why something happens---- just use the knowledge..
 i pulled out th elint trap.... and it was a good thing  because it was probably close to starting a fire
right where it was..
so there is a crazy acres word of wisdom... 
when you change the toilet paper, clean the dryer lint.
mimi emailed me about a dog who had been to the vet for 2 overnights and appeared weith a swollen front foot and bloddy elbows-- the bloody elbows i do not understand--even in 2 nights on concrete they looked very rough-- but teh swollen foot.. i have seen.  so i wrote this...

this is way out... but my danes related to the bmw kennel ( most of them  way back)  all got what i called the big foot disease--
it went like this.. lethargic for day one.. spike high temp 105  the second and third day one front foot would swell significantly.and it would all go oaway in a few days.  always one front foot never both- and the one dog who presented a rear foot we decided was something else.

i  remind you , i am no vet---george may have decdided  some other name for it... but the 3 day course was very typical with many of my dogs ( 14+  ??) ... they  seem to get better with treatment - or without.... because several times the foot would swell before i noticed the lethargic-- and someone would remind me the dog had spent the previous day napping.  and by the time i noticed it and took the temp it was back to nearly normal...

i would continue with what the vet says-- they have been to school for this stuff, -- personally i try and wait it out with very careful vigilance. 
next problem
don't anyone else order the eggstractor yet..
i have ordered one and will be doing it on  camera for mail call

i have  long been a student of egg pealing 
 namely the fresh(non pealers) vs 2 week old (readily pealing ) eggs ( which the national egg board recommends)

age of eggs is not mentioned in the ad--  but it will be worth the 14.99 PLUS  S&H
call it educational expense.  i will do that on line at mail call when i get them..
i say "them"  because i will be getting 2-- you know the shipping and handling game...
megan is off to school with wendy and hunter... we have heard storysw about her running around- 
and i bet with all the snowe they ahve had, she just need s to stretch out..

there is a very interesting video of george and bella.. bella riding her bike 
and george  staying right beside her as best he can...   or  facebook  ---bella and george

 blue gwen an d paula  are a whirlwind duo-- they cleaned up all kinds of things.. 
 blue gwen is especially  a "broom the corners " type where paula is  more the "i want to move .... to ...."
perfect pair.. 
i mentioned to gwen that i was thinking of making monkey fists for dogfest-- ( get ready for this one)
and she said "what happened tothe 87 we forgot to give out last year?"
oh that i had a memory like hers.....
so  the search is on...  the plan was to give one to everyone and have a pot of purple dye available aln let everyone dye their own--  i forgot-- i also forgot what i did with them-- gwen says 87-- and i am sure she is right.   they were 2" size so the box of them will not be small-- i wondered who i could have sent  them to -- and dawns students were a possibility-- what else could i have done with so many...  dawn???? did i ????
people and dogs coming and going today-- very confusling  but .. i think under control.. pam has super organizational skills.
- and i heard a rumor molly would want to come back ( post baby delivery)   she is great and already used to  crazy acrea organization.
add all that to 4 more pups arriveing within days...
the only not so scarey part is grace comes back on duty with them...
i am thinking of somehow encompasing the back deck-- maybe make use of the division of that area-- with some indoor fluffy area..  maybe it is time to replace that other "porch---side door very tired steps" etc..
plus someone sent us paint brushes at mailcall-- which has inspired me to paint the house (stained 30 years ago and counting)
it would take ryan about 20 minutes to paint the whole house--- once you aim him in some direction he flys..
we missed out on th e home depot pallets of apint-- it being flamable they ahd to get rid of it.  but the assured me there would be more.
i have another blog to write--one per week-- for people who do not know who we are...
go to  then things like   dog bless you-- or   all blogs  or something.. 
 walter is there at the moment  at the fridge...

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