Wednesday, April 8, 2015

april 8 2015
i tell my mother used to say.... if it ain't ants, it's fleas...
the news this morning... and all night.... the french airtraffic control are going on a 2 day strike.
of all the things i worry about, that one slipped my mind.

only because of the sitting on the tarmac kind of problem...  thank heavens we have grace and twan to manage the  transport...
there are already horror stories of all of europe canceling 48% of the  flights..  the only suggestion i have is..... when i brought a pup  back, i could keep the pup with me in the waiting area until we were actually boarding.... then i put him in the crate and they took him away .. if you can manage that concept.. fine..  but realize the entire airline industry is going  to be full of irate passengers who will be demanding  impossible things from personell-  so you will have to go with the flow and pray.

the part i left out is---- i kept the pup in the waiting  area long enough for him to have explosive diarrhea  all  over and around the  chairs of a coffee shop ----which is where i learned to  be  better prepared-- that was my  "experience comes from bad experiences."  w/r/t ccardboard and bags..  i had only the 4x4 cocktail napkins  to clean it up while a bunch of  passengers smilled at the crazy american crawling around in the mess.  
 the other problem of the day is -- no one has told me how/ when  to get the money to the breeder for the pups. i will wire it, bu t i need routing numbers etc....   i will try and look up what we did for kiara--- but i need  the amt with crates etc.. 

golf carts--- we are updating -- with the help of a slight arm  twist of a donor... sheila... we can turn in the 2 white carts and get a 4 passenger one more like the  6 passenger ezgo  we have... my old green ezgo golf cart has been wonderful-- we will keep it  and it is not really minus brakes... it is minus the ability to brake because  on that steep hill around the house,  brakes work, but it looses traction and slides-- if you know that is going to happen and plan ahead, it is manageable-- like a car coming thru the gate would be a bad thing.  and being used-- we will manage.
david and ryan have torn down the  back door type porch.. and have given me a list of lumber to buy..-- since there is a  home depot right next to a kentucy fried chicken in seabrook, , there goes my diet for another day.

nutrosystems proved the best diet in the whole world is to have  around you  only food that will sustain you , but .you really don't  enjoy  eating. i did loose 5 pounds the week i ate the elmers glue all type food.   bt  with the white chocolate around not even my rate of increase is down.

that is one of those politically charged way of presenting statistics in the news......   the rate of increase in gas price is down   people hear  gas price down--- when it actually describes gas prices going up slower...  no?  it is early morning, but i think that  logic is right.
there are several people around here who are seriously loosing weight-  i just don't happen to be one of them.
i am happy to announce my eggstractor from publichers clearing house has been shipped.  they still are offering me $7000 a week if i just search something  -- i know they are collecting infor on what i search -- whoever is studying my searches  has to be  confused.

which brings to mind a politian i heard thie morning   absolutely irate "the government must not  be allowed invade your privacy by having access to your  private emails"- i seriously hope the gov't has better things to do than tap my emails... yet if having access to emails in general makes it safer for me to get on a plane- then i am all for it. 

 i refuse to be trained to worry whether any administration  is reading the drivle  i write. sounds like someone thinks i should worry about getting  a form designed by  congress- correcting my spelling and typos  with  a "this page left intentionally blank."
the french air traffic control is more of a concern.. along with how many vehicles-- and of which type - are going to go to the airport tomorrow at noon...

tomorrow ????  yikes !

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