Tuesday, May 5, 2015

cameras are down.. i do not know why  error 502 gateway down.. whatever that means   it aqlso means i  can not get to the commnet column...and i need to thank everyone for  swinging into action with the lactated ringer problem-- it is on going... i will b e chasing ups trucks all day  we are down to our last bag as of 4am... 

 grace is a wonder-- pray for her too.... she has had 2 hours sleep in the last 48..  it is her RN training along with the dairy farm  in her youth...

gabby  still looking sick and vomiting with diarrhea-- getting hte last of our fluids as i type... i really don't want to hospitalize her- because a vet hospital has other germs .. and all we need is another  complication to an already  complicating situation

mae is the worst of the pups... pink vomit smacks of blood in her vomit?  i am in touch with george.

i will post updates on  our web daily doggie blog ..

i don't know why the cameras are down... i told them about it.

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  1. seems lactated ringers shortage has been ongoing for over a year, affecting pets & humans ... article mentions emergency supplies are being allowed from europe ...