Friday, May 1, 2015

may 1 2015
DONNING MY TRUSTY HAZMATT SUIT over my jammies -- i made a 2am symon check....flashlight in hand... i was worried the heat was not turned on ENOUGH  -- remember it is a new unit-- seemed to be functioning fine.   he was quite comfortable in his newly designed  exclusive suite.... surrounded by that lovely polymax white stuff from farmtek that we have used on the walls and ceilings of the deagle and nutt hice ( houses) 

to say he is in quartentine is not being truthful---  we are told  it is not necessary to drive ourselves nuts over specks of feces...  he is walled in.....all we can do is be careful and aware... the parvo virus is around--  dog parks and pet stores  therefore malls can easily have it.
problem was symon didn't  fight it off well enough without massive help...  for which we thankj george.

i don't know who is counting... but that is 2 dogs in the past 6 months that  george and staff brought back from deaths door.
ethyl with her tick bite blood discrasia-- and now symon... 

PLEASE-----no one tell me "things go in three's"   i do not need that.
SO BACK TO THE HEAT IN SYMON'S AREa not beiong turned high enough... just turn it up...right???
not in htis new world--- a furnace up high on a wall is pretty strange to me anyway--- i come from a furnace which needed coal shoveled into it.... but the perspective on theis new one...totally different......there is no on off up down on this machine-- there is a remote... somewhere... and i did not know wherre anyone put it......  just one more... you can't.. driving me nuts.
many many things driving me nuts..
i wonder where that expression came from???? any ideas???  peanuts? walnuts  cashooows?? nutty????
it came from somewhere.
 how diversified is ourt audience?????  last night at mail call i mentioned i had lost my marbles-- or used them up and have none..   sure enough one of the cp's lives next to a marble factory ... in ?kansas?   and will try today to get some 9/16ths in the mail to me.-- please.. not everybody--- i have ordered some form the internet which should get here in 10 days... ( 9 now )
and then i played with my mental blocks when  i was convinced the basket on theresa desk was not the one i was used to...
  could be-- it usually sits on the floor-- and from the  top down , it is circular... up there, the bottom part is square--- i don't think i ever looked at it from that angle.  that threw me off.

and that goes for alot of things around here... perspectives keep changing...

time was spent on the  "miss purina" outfit i designed in the wee hours of the morning---- when i ran out of marbles-

that concept has possibilities... name ly    a purina products  design day in august -- of wierd things which can be done with recycled purina packaging--  they ( purina)  donated 2 months supply to us-- giving us a bunch of bags and plastic jars -- with alot of uses--   those are tough bags !!  we went snow sliding on  a bunch - which kind of started the concept.
i know we have  some exceptional creative talent out in the cp world.......
i am sure of it in colorado - dawn and her stedman kids... and there is another kindergarden bunch--- if you need bags, i can send you a bunch... we are saving them.
for those of you who watch puppy hill camera, today we are expectin g a delivery  of a huge tractor trailer of stone dust in prep for moving the tipi ttomorrow....
and that should be fun to watch... 
and so it goes

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