Tuesday, May 12, 2015

may 12 2015
and then i got this  from bella's mom---

Hi Carlene,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!  After our very busy weekend that Bella and I had, I am amazed at how well she is doing with George. On Saturday she rode her bike for 2.3 miles!  Last year that wasn't even possible for her, and then yesterday we spent the day out and I would have never thought to go there without her carriage because she would get tired but not yesterday. She didn't even ask for me to carry her!  Seeing her grow and get stronger everyday is wonderful.  I know a lot has to do with George and how he is now forcing her to walk more and not ride in the stroller.  He is helping her get stronger everyday and I can't thank you and everyone at SDP for all you have done.  I don't know where she would be without having George by her side to support her and keep her going!  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my girl her life back!  
Rachel Burton.  

we need  reminding if we do no more than produce one george a year, we have done great things... and we have produced many more than one...
there is a mental washout for all of us...  between the parvo and whenever we go thru a stage of having no dogs ready.    -- now we have a couple dogs getting ready  and we are stuck in neutral--not taking dogs off the property has tied the hands  of steve and megan-- but they are being usefull in getting some  "background " stuff done here.... but it is not as much fun....

i bought the book  about the wright brothers by david mccullough and am enjoying it.  talk about problem solving...!! from trying to get up in the air, to fighting of masses of mosquitos. gives me all kinds of courage to try and solve a few things around here...

i have gone thru  the applicants and inquiry lists  and i need to remind everyone how bella got  george..

bella- and her family- were here period... every time they could be they were here -- volunteering as best they could..including bella.. certainly every sunday and then  around school during the week, they would appear.  it was not a simple thing... danes are pequiliar  - they are inclined to be timid and need time to get  used to new people. one of bella's jobs when she came was to hand brush the rugs in the sleeping lofts..  most of the dogs  in that litter took off when she approached unsteadily with brush in hand... -- after several weeks? months?  george decided she was ok... and they struck up a friendship-- i think i remember bella  reading to george up in his sleeping loft...  he began following her around- and that did it... after some serious discussions with her mother.... like ... he technically was only partially trained-- i will have to check, but i don't think he was 12 months old....-- nice dog... but not "finished" by megan's standards..  they started takin g him weekends and bringing him back for more megan time-- and then they kept him.  he started a new life with bella.... and she with him...

my point is-- they gambled and put real effort into the project of having a service dog...  it was a gambl;e-- because i could not forsee the outcome- and could make no guarentees... in the meantime they were content to spend volunteer  time getting dogs ready for some other person.  volunteering for someone else's benefit holds alot of weight here.   plus it gives us time to figure out  an applicant's needs and see if anything "clicks" .  it is fresh air --- doing something.  -- which is what alot of people want  in their application for a dog.

soooooo.... spring is here-- even with dealing with the parvo, there are things around here that need to be done--  there are some jobs outside the gate not  near any dogs if that is a concern of yours.  i often say-- and will again--  there has been no "handicap" yet that i can not figure out  some way you could help around here. 

we give preference to veterans as our web says-- among those  we give preference to those who are standing around the farm with paintbrush or rake  in hand offering what they can ---if not for themselves, for some other person... 

blame it on my poor memory, -- the best way to jump the queue   is --- if you are  an applicant  working around here and a  dog  claims you , i will not argue.

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