Thursday, May 14, 2015

may 14 2015
first---business stuff..
at the moment all dogs are healthyt , and we have a healthy supply of  lactated ringers on the shelf all organized by expiration date -- hopefully we are set  thruy 2017 -- and  hopefully we won't need any.
thanks to all the  researchers in this camera  community, i have had alot of reading on the topic of parvo , and this statement by merck seems to basically agreee with  most of it -- and george.. 

From the Merck Manual, seems like virus sheds in feces 10 days after clinical symptoms resolve......... Virus is shed in the feces of infected dogs within 4–5 days of exposure (often before clinical signs develop), throughout the period of illness, and for ~10 days after clinical recovery. Infection is acquired through direct oral or nasal contact with virus-containing feces or indirectly through contact with virus-contaminated fomites

for those of you who never thought about it... all of this information falls into the bell shaped curve---

?bell curve??? a graph  with a very few statementss/cases at either  end and a bulk of  it in the middle ( example  if you were to pile up people's height.....there are a couple adults  7' tall and a few who are 4' but millions who are 5'7" - or better yet remember my study of the avg height  of a  veterans crotch and the piles of  blue jeans at costco) 
back to the dogs.... 

 critical statements 

virus often shed befor clinical signs-- means that before symon got  clinically sick he was mixed daily with the total farm  population normally and therefore possibly exposing  them.-- and contaminating the premisis...  who knew????

infection is aquired thru direct oral or nasal contact    we are pretty darn good at picking up poo--  but there is nothing  we could have done about the sniff test

and for 10 days after clinical recovery    the last date we had anyone here with clinical signs was may 8th-- so add 10  and a few -- we have picked may 20 for the all clear date... if nothtin else developpes
 everyhthign i read  says chlorox... and that is what i see at geroges hospital-- so that is what we are using..

 there never can be 100% coverage... for example teh seat backs in my car-- which have been drooled on by many... if anyone thinks we could possibly decontaminate 12 acres,  you are wrong. period. and in the real world,,, the virus is around anyway- all we can do is cut the numbers ---we can not live in a bubble....sunlight will help---  winter's freezing virus does not kill this..
we have- and use- a hot water sprayer  which dispenses chlorox with the very hot water...( will take the  paint off the barn type hot) and have done all the kennels. and equipment--

the laundry from the house ( where the sick dogs were kept )  is being done in the machines in the green building-- the \rest is done in the barn.  not mixed up....

we are walkin g in chloroxs tubs as we come and go from any building..

we  pay attention to   pick poo even more thatn before .. 
and we have chlorox in pump sprayers all over the farm-

just to confuse things... we are feeding the pups heavily to try and get weight back on thm-- 
and too much food will give them "normal" diahrrea anyway... so  we are in a constant state of panic.

and for further panic-- noel is due anytiome later this week..... at megan's---

puppies are the most vulernable for a bunch of reasons... megan and her mom are dealing....

 then there is moriah.... who's boyfriend  is due here for sleepovers on friday.. he is thumper's  son...
her boyfriend to be  is about 30 pounds overweight and 8 yerars old....-- so .. again we make no guarentees...
 but he is at least shorter than walter... 

and then today's inflamatory email --( with  thousands of viewers  --- there has to be one a week anyway)
i do not know who  the person  that emailed me...about my failings, 
 i have to admit.......MISERY LOVES COMPANY
i am glad to report they did not leave sheila unscathed.
sheila -- who has been extremely generous with her time and money-- got bashed in the same email
there was one correct statement....
HOWEVER, THE MAIN CONCERN IS THE DOGS,  --  i will go along with that one....
then the email says 
  OK - fine by me--  but i don't know who that could be  except mother nature and God... and i don't even pretend to have any direct connections there.  
and then there is the sagacious  advice from lynne
"I apologize to anyone I have not yet offended. Please be patient. ....I will get to you shortly"
said she was having shirts  made up like that...
i'll take one.


  1. I think I need to order one of those shirts too!
    As to the self appointed 'critic'............PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT!
    It only proves that idiots abound! And have access to the internet!

    1. I, too, need one of those shirts. Point me to the order form! :)

  2. What is the bell curve on unsolicited advice from idiots?

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