Saturday, May 16, 2015

may 16 2015
i had a call from  a dane breeder in north carlolina offering us 2 black dane pups... 
which she said the bloodlines are 1/2 european... and all hips etc done...
why 2... and why now?  that is the  first time any breeder i has offered us any pups...
having jus lost 2 and  being short of pups because of tall walter???  ..
plus----  not to question fate... i said we would like the 2
which she said would be ready to go 5/31   at ? 8 weeks?

a few details to work out.... like transporting them--- i don't even know where she lives in north carolina, which is  not the size of rhode island.

i have a daughter gwen  who just moved to NC  and i don't know where she is either- but i have her email address... ( and she gets this. dd,)
so i have a few things to figure out.
Gwen---in NC-- it was an awful shock to hear she is gettiong ads for AARP- in my mind she is still abotu 12 years old..
you have all seen janine breeze thru-- gwen is teh other 1/2 our  equation..
fortunately a  bright child... she was th e only one who coudl remember where we parked the car  at the mall.
 otherwise janine and i  would still be wandering around.
 i could ask her " gwen what 's the phone number of the place i left your shoes last week ?"     and she would remember it..
however---- since the invite  to the AARP she  admits she cant  remembr more than 3 digits.    it amuses me...

my memory- or lack therof -- is historic...
way back when they were  small 7-9? i left the two at my usual  gas station - they went in to buy candy...
 it took me a while of trying to remember who i had left at the house for a baby sitter til all of a sudden
 i realized i did not have a sitter, and had to back track to find where i had left them.
 they were not upset- Gwen had told the attendent "she will remember when she gets home and we aren't there"

about 15 years ago i had a physical---( and a few since... but)... the doctor  mentioned 3 words-- like   boat, tree  desk
and then  a few minutes later asked me wht those words were.... i did n't realize he was testing my memory.... i could not even remember one of them
He said tehn.."have you always had a poor memory?.. usually people can remember at least one."
i told him that is why i majored in math because with logic,  i didn't have to remember anything..  history was totally out of the question."  
and from that point it has worsened.

was it last year i got in the wrong truck at home depot-- i could not understand why bentley objected to jumping in  the back seat...
it is a good thing the guy took the keys out - or i would have driven it home. 
here  in the yard i can not count the number of times i try and get in bud's pickup- same color-- different shape.

forgetting i already ate lunch is not a problem unless i  then have a second lunch-  too many times, that can be hard on the waistline.

age has it's complicatons..    but my logic  still seems to work ok..
i hae an apt for a hearing aid  5/21-- theresa made it...

i also heard from  a person at the va-- who is helping sandy to get vet coverage
 for her dog  "sparkle"  whom we have been trying to contact for years... he said the dog looks great and acts finbe !!

It is just Dolly and I stopping by to say hello! 

It feels nice to be having some warm weather after the long winter. Dolly and I have been enjoying time outside getting some fresh air. We have been doing a lot of things that I have have been putting off all winter long. It is so nice to be able to just throw on her vest and off we go. She sure loves adventures!! Some times it is the simplest things that used to be struggles that I now enjoy. Like being able to walk across our yard to the swing set with the grandchildren. Last year at this time I would say, "We have to wait until Poppie gets home, so he can help me across the yard". I would also had to drive to my Mom's/Dad's house next door because the rocks in the driveway were to large for me to navigate alone. I am now able to "Just walk over there". This may not seem like a big thing to someone else, but it is huge to me!!! The independence is powerful, that I now have because of Dolly.  

We are planning a vacation to Virginia in early June. This will be our first time of staying in a hotels and cabins since we have been paired 6 months ago. I am hoping for the best, as far as access, but also preparing for the worst. I will have flyers and info with me to be able to educate if necessary. Up until this point I have been very fortunate I have only had one instance where someone told me I couldn't bring Dolly in with me, It was the emergency room at our local hospital. I began explaining to the girl that she was a service dog when security approached us. She was saying, "But I'm sorry you can't bring her in." The security guard asked, "Is that a service dog?" to which I replied, "Yes". He told the girl, " You legally cannot deny access for a service dog". He then said, "Come on in Mam". I later thanked him and gave him some fliers to share with other staff ;)

Thank you SDP, staff, volunteers, CP's and everyone else who helps make this possible! It has certainly changed my life for the better. I am so excited to see what this spring/summer will bring with my added mobility and independance.

Brenda and Dolly

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