Tuesday, May 19, 2015

may 19 2015
happy 19th !!!!  it is sdp's  CAKE DAY---  and i have found another source of monster cakes  i will take care of that detail this morning...  
after i vent .....re motorcycles   i rode a motorcycle for years- as a matter of fact my drivers licence is still a motorcycle license.... 1959 graduating.... when all my classmates had car payments, i had a vespa scooter all paid for-- - used to carry my  standard poodle on the back seat -- even down storrow drive into boston... from there i went to motorcycles up tp 600cc ( too big)  to 225cc  very handy...and  until 10 years ago  i still had one....
i rode a bike/scooter , not for my identity, but because it was cheap. 120 miles to a gallon.....cheap....  i interviewed for  a job once on 128 drenched to the skin...-  after riding from cambridge to burlington in the pouring rain, on my scooter.  i got the job- i think he was impresed with my "bash onward" attitude.
so last night.......tv-- cnn reporting on the motorcycle gangs in texas-- basically at war for the right to wear the  TEXAS lettering on their jackets.
armed with guns, knives.and  clubs - got in a brawl- and then targeted the police... 9 were shot-- some by the police-- yet to be determined- by autopsy which bullet killed who.
-----not only do i object to paying for someone to do an autoppsy  but why waste bullets in the first place......  just back off and let them go at it...  couldn't happen to a niceer bunch..
 i see no reason for our "civil servants" to risk l;ife and limb over a bunch who want to argue about sewing texas on their shirts.  have at it. !!!
then cnn got to discussing how many of one group were ex marines- already trained to be skillful killers ready for battle. 
it is not that they couold sneak up on anyone,  they have all been brainwashed to believe the quiet mufflers are dangerous  because cars don't see you on a bike
the whole geometry of that SEE   HEAR  logic  is most pequiliar....
just think- we should set up motorcycle free zones by having  certain malls have  be "gated communities"  with those  spikey things that  blow up tires... or put up signs "  caution motorcycles will be knocked over by inebriated little old ladies who no longer look when they back up." -- or make paralell ridges in the roads which does raise havic with your balance on a bike.....
it is too much testosterone that makes grown men kill each other  about sewing names on shirts--- like bentley challanging walter because "he pee'd on my tree...."
 any farmer can tell you how to cure that...
happily we have some cut and paste today
Hi Carlene, Megan, Grace & SDP people,
Princess Ruckus & I have been very sad & our deep sympathy for the loss of Mae & Lumin.  I saw in February when I was there at crazy acres, the love & care given to all the Danes. You are all truly angels.  Ruckus & I finished up our volunteer “gig” at the schools last week. I have two stories  that will bring a smile to your face & heart.  First is Hina, a very shy kindergarten student who was afraid & cried when I first brought Ruckus to school.  I explained what a service dog is & how she helped me.  As the weeks passed she would peek at Ruckus under the desk & talk to her.  I told Hina that she could pet Ruckus when ever she was ready.  Well, last week she  lept out of her chair & with a big smile & extended hand said she was ready.  Ruckus seemed to know this was a special moment as she remained in her down/stay position & was so gentle with Hina (SDP great training!!). We captured the moment & have attached pics.  For security reasons I cut off some of Hana’s face but kept her smile & extended hand. A very Happy moment. 
The second story is about a very shy almost non verbal 7th grader.  She at first would come by & stare at Ruckus.  She then started to talk with Ruckus & I developing a relationship over the weeks.  She noted my difficulties with speech & discussed how I went to speech therapy.  Last week one of her teachers sought Ruckus & I out explaining the break through we had made with her.  Seeing Ruckus & being in a non threatening environment had allowed this young girl to become more confident &  self assured.  Her teacher thanked us for the break through we had made.  Yeah, for team Ruckus!!
Hope you are all smiling because SDP Great Danes make life changing differences in peoples lives!!
Ok to use this in DD & explore discussion page & Facebook or where ever!!
Princess Ruckus & Carolyn  
We are keeping busy constructing church emergency preparedness activities, visiting friends in need, doing errands, and keeping medical appointments. It is more obvious on a daily basis that I couldn't do these activities without my devoted and beloved companion DiDi. Today we went to my neurological physical therapy appointment in Rochester, where she is greatly loved and admired. Did is so patient, using her time to catch up on her z's while always keeping an eye on me in case she can help me in some way. 
I would like to further confirm that everyone at SDP is involved in very important life changing work and are much appreciated. Love, Karen and DiDi