Friday, May 22, 2015

may 22, 2015
today is not starting well---i am very upset with all the people to whom we have donated dogs who just don't have the time to stay in touch with me with stories for the dd and therefor all the volunteers and donors who were responsible for the fact that you got a dog.

so this venting is for the recipients of our dogs....
somebody sent me this from julia-- with a nice picture of julia standing up. supported by ethyl
 and it really has made me angry
t physical therapy. This is for Noel- thank you for your puppies so that one
can be the other four legs a paraplegic like me needs to stand.
Little miss Ethel is my hero in purple.
and i am just about as angry at brian who has crimson-
he came here to have me sign his certification and tells me he and crimson met michelle obama at the white house.... 
 which was apparently on facebook 

i am sure many of you ( recipients) have just not thought.. well now is the time..
i don't do faceook---- i do not understand how to find any specific information 
without spending hours flipping thru stuff of no interest.
i don't have time to do that
 --and ... i don't think it unreasonable for me to ask that however/whenever you post 
a nice story about OUR dog---- that you push one extra button to send it to my email 
so i can put it in the DD for the volunteers --( and donors who keep us alive with chicken bricks.)
after all we/i 
donated the dog to you,
 and to be able to do that , have you ever thought 
deleteddeleteddeletedand not just me..... but all our volunteers have struggled to raise and train them and they deserve to be kept up to date with a little more effort on your part.
these dogs are not a pair of shoes you take off a shelf and walk away with.-
i know there are 2 recipients who do not have a computer---   but... don't all libraries have computers now???

once a month???  
just a couple short sentances-- some of you write much better than i...a cheerfull story about the diference??? something???  

i quit.
also noel is not overdue .. yet.


  1. I just don't understand why people who have been given a second chance with one of these beautiful dogs cannot take a few minutes to say thank you to the one who made it possible. Apparently the art of saying thank you and writing thank you notes has gone by the wayside. I had a great aunt (Edith) who if you didn't send her a thank you note never sent you another thing. My mother hammered into us that you write thank you notes for whatever you got. I wish I knew these people and their e-mail addresses because I would tell them that they need to be grateful for a second chance.

  2. So much ungratefulness in the world. It's people's inability to appreciate another persons good deed because it is the "all about me" era. Quite sickening.