Monday, May 25, 2015

may 25 2015
  bailey is still  thankfully growling at the pups per usual this morning...
i was worried.. yesterday she got very tired and walked uphill very slowly after stew... ...  still very pink gums...   so it wasn't  that...  but she is not getting any younger-- i think she needs better stew accomodations  .she stood around too long and got overtired.

joyce too k the nursery camera off to hook it up at megans... today and tomorrow... megan just might get home for the event !!
the entire camera thing is a mystery to me..  she and jon speak the same language..

me?   well, i got a package yesterday----- and my half-fast tech knowlidge figured... if it got delivered on a sunday it was probably comething critical..  a 2'  square black cube with numbers  on it...and it has 2 wires  ( do i need to describe the difference between male and female ends?-- maybe some of you   you just never thought about it but it is self explanitory..)..  th emale end has 3 sections so my guess is it belongs in line with the mic/ camera wire because those are the same kind of ends...
i really don't think it is the tractor part bud ordered..... could be tho---  computer connections  are everywhere 

i remember.........
i had a car  long ago which i used to pull a horse trailer-- and a small utility tralier for magazines... the horse trailer had  what was a typical 2"ball and round  electrical connection... and my car was set up for a  utility trailer wiht  smaller  ball and a  typical 4 plaace... flat uhaul electrical connection.   this car that i have NOW  is the first time i have ever had a properly wired trailer episode- i[ to now it has been rewire for whichever trailer or find the  connection that goes from flat to round plug... and i had several ...round to flat and flat to round-- a terrible mess... always missing.
i needed to pull the horse trailer and couldngt't find the  adapter plug... - i just needed stop and turn signals-- so i figured how  complicated can that be... find the wire that works the stop light   and hook it to the trailer stop light wire... one goes on , the other should.
 simple...  the trailer ball would make the trailer grounded like the car... should be simple--  complete circuit. 
WRONG .... once i spliced into the  car's wire not  only did the trailer not work, but none of the car lights worked either. 
turns out... hidden under the mat was a little square black box--  that would not even let me hook back up to what i had to start with..  i did not understand then.. and i still don't  understand what the logic was... excpet that it cost me  $250 to have the dealer set it right.

i don't know how people survive without access to a horse trailer-  in my career i have moved many large items no one wanted to trust to a moving company.. like a  doctor's personal library ( danm heavy)  and a grand piano ....

i can think of one example.... megan's mom showed me thier grand piano-- it is in her bedroom covered with the usual collection of laundry and clipboards..  she said it was there because   they couldn't get it out... making me wonder how they got it in there.. was it there when they bought the house?  or was the house buit around it??  megan's dad is..  maybe .. worse than i  am at collecting  stuff... just plain stuff.. i would love to see thier cellar... i hear rumors....
but that piano is an exceedingly  strange lump takijng up  a significant part of the room.

i was shocked to find that  they have a monster closet  that is empty !!!    that will be a perfect whelping area to start noel's pups.. so if joyce gets the camera set up, she can aim it  there so it is not too invasive..

holiday today?  for some... for us.. it is another  of the usual 365 days.. it does often take the shape of a sunday of sitting around..  and we have a bunch of food from uyeserday...  we should survive.

 I guess I qualify as a Dane recipient and should keep you updated.  Olive is wonderful , well and happy.  Beloved member of my Thursday morning church group,  However the rest of the family not so good.  Bill in rehab after falling a fractured his hip.  Im hobbling around with back and hip pain. Injections helping,  
Still think of you often and hope to be able come by and visit.  My very best to all.  I am blessed to have met you and found Olive.  .... Priscilla 

We hope all is going well with you. I just want to send a quick Harry update. Things here are going well. We have just been doing that whole figure out life and live it, thing. Harry is one happy, healthy, handsome boy and I am thankful every moment of the day for having him. His favorite thing to do is watch his fish in the pond. He is not a big swimmer but he loves to watch his fish! We continue to tell everyone we meet about sdp and encourage people to check out the cams. I attached some pictures and I hope you enjoy them. He really is just so handsome! - Beth and Harry

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