Sunday, May 3, 2015

may 3 2015

this may be a little short  we have all the pups in here... and some feel good others lethargic

i need to look over aloo the overnight details of who did what when and dish out meds that george gae us yesterday..

i know  the fact that we did not worm last week is complicating the issue.. - it needs to be done--

so there is weighing.measuring . splitting pills and then getting them down the right dog in the right stregnth..
i need to be inon that one. along with gfrace and megan

grace being our official RN  she  is well in tuned to these  bit.

and i need to get all the info to george so he can decide if any need hospitalization... which i doubt-- because they close at noon. and if i can just stay in touch with him by cell. .. i think they would get more constant attention here unless teh proberbial shLt hist the fan.. in whichn case he would open the hospital-and call in a crew.

 i just talked to george and brought him up to date--  we went over all the details af the overnight temps and vomit report
i see no reason to  do anything more than we are already doing....
we have a system for watching th e ones still in the kennels -- we are filling the water buckets to within 3" from the top... which is one of our poo picker mneasurements.. and if there is no water gone... then we have another one to consider for fl\uids.. 

we are pretty used to following his directions--   he has been known ot come here too.. 
 we are loaded with different meds which he will direct and we will administer and the rest of youu  keep praying

and keep in mind... we are here...and we are watching even if you can onot see us on camerqaa     but i have said to everyone   lkeave them alone and let them sleep if they want to.. a sick animal needs privacy too... keep patting them and they  might loose the sleep they need.

my father used to say - especially with a cat we had,   cats will crawl away into a hiding place and let mother nature heal it- hence the 9 lives bit.

other observation... this place has never been cleaner-- i think we have 12 acres of cholrox soaked woodland--  well not quite... but all the buildings have been scrubbed inside and out..

by way of standard cleanliness... i bet i  have steped  in poo maybe once in the past 3 years.  the place is picked up ! in spiet of every rumor one would hear.... we are very efficient poo pickers.. and the law that the first one to see it  pickes it up   regardless... -- the only out i have is if i am on the tractor , i may sit and blow the horn instead of climbing out and in...

i will also say .. we have never had better equip[ment and facilities than we now have---
 that is  all that drywell and concrete work that you camera people and  paid for last year...
our financial report for  the last 2 years looked very strange  bu tth ebiggest thing we did was to get rid of the surface water  both in front of the laundry and ourside the feed room...

now the only disasterous place.. that i know of is under the deck of the house... my advice... just don't go there
the deck  is where all the house dogs go to pee.. and  we have tried every solution known to the industry to get rid of the urine smell and the best we can do is to haqve that area smell like a urine soaked coconut/lavendary nursing home.

quitting thei dd
 george is on his way to look over what we are doing...

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