Thursday, May 7, 2015

may 7 2015
i wish i  could be more encouraging about mae... she is spiking a temp. - started about midnight
went from 103 to 105.6 right now(5:30am)and she has ahd some noisy breathing
i have alerted george when he wakes up i am sure he will be in touch...
she has had her meds.. we are cooling   her on grace's lap...

the rest may have turned the corner--- with the exception of bing.... who started later than the rest...
they are bouncing--- very little vomiting  and  poos are better... still a ways to go on that.. but improvement...

i think we have not heard  a poo in 24 hours-- hearing a poo is.... bad.  smelling one isn't too good either...
we are in pretty good control now with  using peepads.

gabby has not vomited since noon either  even ate a bit of cookie at 2 am... and 2 spoonfuls of canned food... wooowooowoo
she had the cereenna injection  about noon- and it seems to have worked
..  but i don't want to tempt fate.... it is one of those things where it may not be perfect  but maybe she woudl be worse if she did not have it.

the reason you go to med school is so you learn to avoid the tendency to make decisions on partial info... 
 she ate a cookie and then she got better so therefore the cookie made her better and if you could  get a cookie into all the others  they would be fine.  

you camera people have come a long way 
it used to be  "  i have never owned dog but i had an uncle who's dog threw up and he fed him raw fish and he got better, so if you had any sympathy for your dog you would feed him some raw fish   .. and since you are not trying my solution you are bad..... and i have alot of friends who think you are bad too...,. so i am going to tell them not to buy and chicken bricks."  

i don't mean to imply we are now a bunch of intellectual snobs, but  when i got up this morning to find mae not doing well  i did not worry about someone runnign off with all they things they think  we have  or are doing  wrong.

i have texted george--- in my opinion.... there is no reason to wake him-   he needs his sleep to be able to help us-- like the oxygen in the airplane-- you give your oxygen first to the pilot-- not the baby in the back row....

we can do everything  humanly possible to help mommy nature, but she is the ultimate...  i am afraid of aspirated pnemonia--- but mae is sleeping-- and actually her temp went down a hair to  105.3 ( which could be a normal variation in the functioning of the therm....but at least it wasn't up[...)

we are now at the stage of  every leaf floatin g inthe breeze must be a UFO  any dog that does not eat breakfast is suspect ( like bailey - wo often does not eat breakfast)  or riot  who had one loose stool... we are all set to panic... and to some degree we are...
we still have  3 adults and a bunch of the pups on fluids-- and don't know  if we have some that have not started yet, 
but at least we have the fluids  now ( and arriving ) to fight... it was terrifying  not to have the equipment to do what is best...

the only other news-- and next problem is  noel---- megan's mother is gong to take her to geroge's for an ultrasound--( not bringing her near this place...) because megan is now wondering if she is pregnant at all.

if she is not ... yellow gets neutered...

i got this---and lets show some   cp stregnth in  the  " likes "

Let's thank all the great groups that helped with the lactated ringer solutions....some businesses, some vet offices, and even some other non-profits sharing their own supplies!! Here is the links to their Facebook pages to send a thank you! 

If anybody has trouble with the links or doesn't do Facebook you can search for these companies websites online too. They are:
Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital 
Exeter Veterinary Hospital 
Pets Drug Mart 
Danvers Animal Hospital 
Animal Wellness Foundation 
Family Pet Health Center 
Dale Animal Hospital 
Warrior Canine Connection 
Hillside Veterinary Hospital 

and there may be more   theresa is keeping the list..

let us pray....

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  1. one way or another i was able to thank each on the above list for helping SDP