Thursday, May 21, 2015

no pups yet from megan...
i am to pick up the  pit shots- and then be in contacyt with george about giving them
if i remember correctly.. once you give the pit shots, if nothing happens you are married to a c section.
megan's mom is there-- ( and she is a very competent mom --- 40 years with the airlines---- who makes great bean salad)
 so we wait... concern is the size difference in the 3 pups seen in the ultrasound...
luckily we have a cut and paste for you to  mull over---

hi all....
Hope this finds everyone on the mend.  I am having a hard time starting this
email.  So many emotions going through my mind !  Last year when I visited SDP
for the first time, I felt I was ready by watching on cameras and remarks that
were made prior to arriving.  Boy was I wrong.  It takes SO  much more than you
can ever imagine to get everything done in a day.  I was so impressed with all
the volunteers and staff working in all different areas to keep it running
I had no idea when Susan, Clare, and myself decided in Jan on May 2nd
as our arriving date, that we would face such a difficult week.  It was a very
up and down week.  The normal chores plus helping with very sick dogs would
sometimes take more hours than a day had.  I would see Susan and Clare in
passing most days.  We  went in different directions everyday that worked out
perfectly. Documentation of  dogs activity  was so important and charted
everytime there was like simply eating to a poop report.  I remember their would
be a cheer when someone would have a half normal poop. Keeping up with who did
what was a chore in itself.  I was caught off guard the day we got the news that
little Mae didn't make it. It was hard to believe. A very gray day with lots of
tears shed and sadness. I know losing Lumin was ever bit as sad. Losing two was
two too many but thankful.... could of been so much worse.  Everyone  that I
worked with and came across while there gave all they had with love, compassion
and determination to fight this virus !!!!! Everyone was very helpful and
pleasant to work with.  I only had 50 questions a day compared to 100 questions
a day last year !!! I felt very appreciated being there. These dogs are treated
with the upmost respect and care.  They are loved beyond. I hope all that has
dreams of visiting SDP will get their chance.  There is no place like it !!!! I
do warn people that you will leave in tears!  Don't forget your work clothes
Thank you for allowing me  to come and be a part of crazy acres for a
week. I look forward to next year.

Kari - Nashville
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Carlene White

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  1. Lovely letter from Kari, thanks for sharing what must have been a most extraordinary experience in many ways. I felt I was there with you.
    And, most of all.........good luck to Noel and her coming brood, hope all goes smoothly.