Wednesday, June 10, 2015

june 10 2015
w/r/t feed bags........and  the creative use thereof... ... i don't want the ideas... i want  them done-- and on "exhibit"  late in august...come on with the creative  talent you all have--come up with some wierdo things... a regular desk stapler worked fine for  miss purina's dress... only stipulation is that  you use only purina products -- the purina name does not have to show---  the white dress is the insides of the bags... - structural  duct tape or wood etc is acceptable... but  99% of the visual must be  all from purina products.
i am getting alot of suggestions on how to put up the cover on the building....all wonderful ones--with perfectly good ideas--- often assuming perfect conditions--which in reality reduces  the process to slinging ropes around banging each other in the head with monkey fists- and we have not even taken the top out of the box yet...  it comes with big warnings... do not attempt to handle this if it is windy... i have visions of hanging on to a corner while drifting over puppy hill, just as sheila obrien comes to do the accrediation inspection.
just get ready... if it goes without a hitch, it will be some kind of miracle.
i am now operation under the philosophy of... clearspan would give us exactly the pieces we need... haveing any left overs  is not a good sign.
jerri and steve  (cp's from ohio) are an amazing pair-- i can not believe they can work so well together and not had one arguement...and they are getting  a tremendous amt done !!  current ly going back over all the "joints"  putting in 2 self tapping screws and checking nuts   and  turnbuckles... absolutely amazing..  i would have had to shoot my husband  if i had to work as they have for the past few days...
and  then in the complaint department- i try and keep everyone aware of what is going on... but sometimes i can't.. or won't--or don't have time to go into the nitty gritty details that make  no difference anyway.. people have  other lives  which interfere with sdp... people get overtired and need less strenuous lifestyle...thankfully  this place suits alot of people for volunteering efforts--- but it is not for everyone...
we have a couple medical issures to deal with today... apparently scarlott is  not feeling well--- stiff etc...does not sound good ...?lyme??
 and we have a couple loose stools--- which always make us nervous-- but could be within the norm... we just don/t know...
 and then there is mixing opal and mariah.
that could get exciting...  opals  neck is all healed from the last go round...--- i will  speak to both of them today..

from another ky dog person....who has cuba (2009)Well I'm sorry the KY vet has been a disappointment.Cuba is fine. I've never had a dog that loved me so much. Nor a prettier one. Nor one that i loved so much. 
She has become somewhat bossy at times. Sometimes she gets me up (no ignoring her) to get a snack. Last night, paw in my face at 3AM, she took me to the fridge, on top of which is the only place we can store food out of her reach. We had a pizza on top. After two pieces she went back to bed. No big deal. I love her and we all have our quirks. 

 Hips are still good but I give her a "leg-up" when getting in the car. She rides with me daily and when she getting in, I put my knee under her butt and lift her into the car. She never could jump in with low ceiling. 

You are a brilliant woman. I can remember you pissing me off big time in the past, but I now finally have grown to appreciate your intelligence.Very few could do the "Daily." i have very fond memories of Tinker and Tony and Chestnut street.  Youhave great girls. Just didn't want to be considered one of the "missing." 
Over and out......Tommy

Hi Carlene and all at SDP,
I just wanted to let everyone know that Jonah is doing great.  I can't believe it's already been over 3 weeks! Jonah likes to be anywhere the kids are at all times.  He seems to really adore them like our last Dane.  It's very sweet and the kids equally adore him.  Caden (our 5 year old boy) helps me practice basic commands with Jonah such as "down" and it amazes me how a 130 pound Dane listens so well to a 45 pound boy.  Jonah's Vet appointment went well.  The vet did not have any concerns and we got the summer 2015 vaccines. 
Jonah and I have been jogging a lot in the early AM and at night.  He is much cheaper than a personal trainer ;) He is doing well learning to "trot" at my pace on the leash beside me.  He also stays right with me when I let him off leash at a field nearby to run.  There have been a couple of occasions when Jonah has tried to jump up on me (my side) out in our backyard.  I think this is when he gets over excited and really just wants to play.  I have been very firm with him each time and we will continue to work on that to ensure it does not continue.  If Megan or Steve have any thoughts on this please do let me know. 
Jonah has been great with all of the neighborhood dogs, kids and adults we have met.  He is such a sweet boy who loves to give kisses.  We are so grateful to have him.

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