Saturday, June 13, 2015

JUNE 13 2015

somebody around here seems to be into rice cakes---
instead of donuts,  the coffee counter has several packets of rice cakes in different shapes.
the label says they are the perfect snack food.

just what part of snacking do rice cakes satisfy???..  the   noise factor???
i had to turn down my hearing aids to chew one..
maybe if i smeared a bunch of cream chease and jam ll over them 
it would deaden the sound and make them palatable.
big excitement of the day is ... there are no excitement  to report... as yet...

the building still stands... needs a bit of house cleaning.... and another truckload of stone dust
and i want to get one of the tables i saw at the co op... basically octagional...
therefore improving the conversationalability of  it.
for those who might never have thought..... a restaurant approved by  the deaf community
has round tables so teh sign language can be seen by everyone.  

which reminds me....of my opinion..... that sign language should be the second language taught
in schools.. then it would be second to everyone..

the oldies here have heard me tell ---- all i remember of 4 years of spanish is  "esso si que es" 
 which is how you spell socks.
all i recmember of latin is thst   "impedimentia"   has somethign to do with too much luggage which impedes progress
and that word was used before  "overhead compartment"    was even thought of.

so much for my formal education.
i will refrain from my informal one.. 
we waved goodbye at one bunch of  CP's  and look forward to the next..

and teh official award at mil call purple shirts for jeri and steve #47.
steve remarked that he ws amazed that i remembered his name..
(i can not forget that name....there does exist a #1 steve.)
terry white miller and sherri goldsstein  were winners of teh free trip to dogfest
which  was organized by tina and linda
that is a nice touch of someone  -- or plural someones---
as for a wish list,  i wish someone would straighten out this #$%^&*&(*&$%  for typing
the mail and dd...

sometimes it makes an entire paragraph one line long--- off the screen
other times it skipslines and puts a spase between every line.

i have tried to find out how and why....  it is beyond me !!
any ability i had with  computers was superceded by a bunch of gerds who programmed
alot of automatic functions
very similar to my car's headlights  -- which i don't understsnd either..

somebody said i need to have headlights on if my windshield wipers are on...
this is causing me to try and drive  nearly blind  because i understand  "intermitten"
but i don't know if somebody mqade these headlights come on with the wipers...
 so if i push the lights button, am i turning them on or off?  ... seeing as i drive only in daylight hours ( usually) 
i can't tell if the headlights are on or off unless i park in front of some store  window..
which if i am dealing with brief showers means  stopping in front of some store  window....every
 few minutes with the on/off problem.
today is not lambchop day because steve (#18 -meatcutting ) will not be here today
and i hardly recognized steve( #27... charlie's steve)  because his wife made him buy new he looks different. 
did i  already include this one??

Hi Carlene & all you great people at SDP,
Princess Ruckus & I are very excited about our upcoming visit Thursday 6/18 & Friday 6/19. Yeah, Crazy Acres here we come. We have been so busy with end of school year. Princess Ruckus (PR) & I finished up with kindergarten & middle school. Then we got a surprise invite (gig) at Fairport High School were PR won many hearts. PR does so well with the kids & again it is such a teachable moment to introduce the concept of a Service Dog & how she helps me. At first I was concerned about PR handling a more crowed school (we had 150 students every period, 8 total) & the higher energy level of high school students. She was AWESOME!!! Thanks to SDP great training. I'm glad, because as a retired high school teacher that is were my heart lies. PR has helped me with my appointments at physical therapy & dentist. It is very emotional for me to be able to "walk" into these places without assistance. In fact I now go alone except for PR. I'm also able to navigate my yard for the first time in two years. I planted flowers while PR chased ants. She's so funny!! Carlene, while I'm at SDP I want to talk with you about what Lynne & Renee are doing with presenting to local First Responders. If you would allow that is something I would love to do so "let's talk." I've attached several pics of PR!! You can use this in DD, Facebook or where ever. Again, thank you is just not enough to say for the way Princess Ruckus has changed my life & helped me to remain independent. I love her:))!!! See you soon & no need to provide snow this time lol Princess Ruckus & Carolyn Sent from my iPad

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