Sunday, June 14, 2015

june 14 2015

my thanks to michelle--- for  the kindle and an introduction to it... i am now enjoying the book instead of 
trying to balance an unwieldy wad of paper while turning  a page in bed...  it does work !!

it also does many other things which cindy tried to show me-- i had to stop her... i really don't care if it is able to predict the   sum of the  weather in fairbanks alaska for all tuesdays in 2017.  i want to read a book-- and i can do that- i did go so far as to use the dictionry function... which i never would do with a hard copy...  i have always had trouble with the alphabet.
i always scan teh emails-- and this morning i quickly went to grace's  chuck update... thinking she had some vomit reporot--- however... she had a  photo of the new guinea  chicks who are living in the storage room of teh laundry.. ( the laundry room is now airconditioned... and too cold for new chicks...)
scarlott is nearly back to normal -- question now is   was it th e  doxy or mommy nature... let me be quick to say tehre  are times-- like symon-- when mommy needs  medical help... but....
mommy nature  is often sadly ignored and not given credit for cures when modern medicine had nothing to do with it...

yesterdays language   lesson  included TRI AXLE   which is a very big dump trucck with 3 axles in the back part  which dumpeed 23 tons of stone dust for the girqffe house.

i was doing pretty well spreading about 1/2 when  the tractor just quit... just in time for bud to arrive  and read teh manuals on how to find parts etc.. he got it going again (? a fuse... but why did it blow??)  and i will try and finish teh spreading so  sunday people can level it today.... then they can sit in there and enjoy it...

they will enjoy it more if the mister gets fixed.... those misters are wonderful when they work-- but currently i have purchased 2, had one replaced, and still only have one working...  i will call the outfit tomorrow, but i have to admit it is a little discouraging...i was about to order one for the giraffe house,  but have held off... auramist--- when it works it is perfect at "airconditioning " an outside area.
can we get bella  and george's  shirts to 600???   ( story below...)  
First off I want to welcome all our new friends! A little background, Bella is a 10 1/2 year old girl with Morquio Syndrome. She has had 10 major surgeries and has another one being scheduled. George is a 20 month old Great Dane that was donated to her from Service Dog Project. George helps Bella walk. He has given her so much independence and life back in her step. He has helped her get so much stronger. They have only been an official team for just over 4 months. But their bond is amazing!

 Bella raises money every year for Boston Children's Hospital. This year she wanted to also raise money for Service Dog Project to thank them for George. So we helped her design these t-shirts. They have Bella's handprint and George's paw print on them. (Profile picture is the shirt). So all month long we have been taking preorders to raise money for these 2 great organizations. Tomorrow we will put the order in for all the T-shirts, and ship them out by July 1st.

As of now we have 570 preorders! Can we make 600? Possibly? It would be great if we could. It just helps our donation amount grow! 

So once again here is the Link to order shirts:

Thank you all that have already bought shirts or donated in some other way. We truly appreciate it and we love our extended family! Love Bella and George
then the passing of a great servce dog-- she had a great life with jodi...

Cinder Ryan passed away early Friday morning. She would be starting her 13th year June 22. Great Danes don't usually live so long. She was happy and passed away with Stormy cuddling and me in front. She put her paw on me and we cuddled together as she was dying. No pain, no vets, just Stormy and I cuddling. She was outside running a little just a few hours before. Rest in Peace my beautiful friend and companion for all these years.