Wednesday, June 17, 2015

june 17 2015
the phone rang at 4:30 today -- i was awake and listened quickly-- i didn't hear any barking and grabbed for the ohone expecting some irate neighbor calling to complain about barking.... it was my daughter on her way to work-- she knows i get up early.. she works for the boston hospitals somehow-- the interesting part is .. she moved to north carolina-- and still works for them..

i commuted on  a vespa scooter from cambridge mass-- to burlington mass-- in all kinds of weather.. and she clicks on her various  tech devices hanging off her   and commutes from nc...... is spared  commuting in blizzards.... progress ! 

i told her i was enjoying my kindle and was having no problem with it..  she said she had trouble-- when she reads on her back and fell asleep it landed on her nose and turned pages so she had trouble finding where she was. ...such problems.
i get up woth such enthusiasm about training   and wear out...  i want to work on ariot with grace...
we need to get her to recognise a white flag-- i used to use a fly swatter with a kleenex to train my first deaf dane...
and he did really well-  i see ariot running madly around looking for grace.. and i know we could direct her if we got the communication better...
after all the best agility dane in the country was a white deaf dane.   "nico"  
problem is grace is so busy  we can'ty get in step..

among everything else.....grace is baby sitting hte guinea chicks... and we need to get some different feed--
in my opinion
 i have to start regular chicks with  "medicated chick starter" or they begin to die off -- i don't know why
with these....i was just going  on the advice of  the person who gave these to us.. but i am not sure she is an expert..

online it says medicated turkey starter-- so i better go get some... 
we lost one chick and i am told a second one did nt look good yesterdqay

grace looked up one source and they siad medicated rturkey starter--- sounds right... but i am no expert either.

the one who may be is bonnie-- if you are reading this -- we could stand some advice
  bonnie-- forget exactly  what she is an expert on ... but it had something to do with improting many hundreds of thousands of chicks to indonesia -- or something like that...
hoepfully she can help with our 11  (?10) guiinae hens


feast or famine.... no cut and paste

but i have to go to the feed store..... now

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