Thursday, June 18, 2015

june 18 2015
you all  know i  realize how totally dependent i am to the reliability of my trash collector...the amount of trash generated by me in the course of the day is disgraceful-- i try-- and i used to be  better--but i am thwarted at every turn... furthermoreindustry is not being held to any degree of homesty... i may be wrong.. but....

i used to buy a big - costco size- box of cherios.-- it contained 2 plastic pouches of  cherios (which if you put one pouch 2" x 9"x11" of extruded  o's    into a blender  you would get about 1 cup of dust/powder-- which is another whole problem  but back to the packaging)the 2 pouches came in one box.  then-- for whjatever reason... the company changed packaging so instead of one carton... they took 2  "normal " cartons and glued them together  they say "2 pull apart boxes" .... they must have had some complaints because they then put on tht box that this method of " 2 pull apart  boxes" saved the universe by requiring less material---
maybe some people believed it -- but i would like to have them prove it to me....   they  glue together 2 pieces  of cardboard... (2x( 9 x 11))= 198 sq inches  that are totally unnecessary  i believe... someone do check my math

i know the some  boxes used to say it saved cardboard--i was mad when they asked me to believe that...  the current already pulled apart box that i now have   does not say anything... so  ???? i am being asked to forget it???

if they lie about the content of the cardboard, are they lying about the cereal too???  who checks on this stuff??? do we as a cp community have a retired lowyer who can start a class action suit  to finance sdp on the backs of  general mills????

dawn this is a perfect job for your kids...  you write to general mills and see how far your kids get 
that could be fun !!!

where i started to go with this is in depth study on trash... it is a fact that a car without a trash  container of some sort.. with become a mess.. likewise  near my  desk...... or in the t tent ... or in the  gt ( giraffe tent)... which i noticed yesterday-- there was no trash so 2 soda cans and some papers ended uop left on the tables..   that is just the beginning of the end...

proper trash collection is critical to  society in general ( remember new york during the strike??)  

mariah-- report...  there are those who say she is needier---  needing more affection...  i have heard that kind of thing before...
 i do know as she was riding around on my golf cart and we rode past opal, it was opal who was ready to attack !!  so we might have that wrong...

just becuase opal got the worst of the last fight does not mean she was the innocent bystander  when the fight started.  could be she picked he fight and lost.  at any rate she is all healled.... now all she has to do is grow back the hair.
little concerned for the chicken bricks....  we are behind in sales-- mostly because the shatting sunday was  so far into this month   ( teh 7th) so it is a short month and we need another push.... the big push to impress teh accreditation  person, letters and packages for mailcall are ni ce... but teh chicken bricks are critical !!!..
i need to have someone specificalluy in charge of the thermometer on the freezer which shows the  progress of brick sales....

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