Friday, June 19, 2015

june 19 2015
 time to celebrate the 19th !!!!     monster cake day !!!!

what time is cake time?????  we should  set one like 1:19pm
time to blow out the candle...
that is when most of the people are here...
so be it....
and with luck there will be some left for breakfast...
that will take care of all birthdays-- aniverseries and  whatever else needs celebrating this month
now...... it is about kids birthday partys  and candle blowing
was this just the antique way of vaccinating your kids?

i know my mother went out of her way to have my 2 sisters and i 
 play with anyone who had  the measles... so when we got older and pregnant
we would  be immune to measles...
she was concerned that measlea as an adult would cause birth defects 

we went that road with mumps too-- and chicken pox type things...
so a kids birthday party for a kid coming down with the measles might
be an effective way to ward off birth defects.

it is a stretch... but there is a thread of logic there..
speaking of threads--- someone got me playing this lumonisty brain training game
 and i have to report-- i find their statistics baffleing they have decided after 
 one week, that i am in the 86th percentile for memory compared to my age group.

boy that sure doesn't say much for my age group !!! my memory was never even adequate
and now it is worse.... so if the 86th percentile is correct, be careful of all the 77 year olds wandering 
around the streets wondering where are  thier glasses/phone/hearing aid/or any other detachable part of aging. 
some woman from the next town ( of course i can not rememeber her name ... see above...) came here
her mother once had a dane.. and was now not doing well on oxygen etc...
 would i??? of course... so bentley and i went to visit..  he enjoyed it-- so did the family..
sooooo. of course i started them on the web cameras...  the daughter stayed  here for mail call
 and before leaving said "you have changed my life and outlook" 
 nutty crazy acres wins again !!
i am reminded of some poem??
 most people live a life of quiet desparation

unfortunately i can not remember the rest of the poem- or it's message
but i do look on crazy acres as a method of opening  mental  doors that have been closed far too long.
it is a  serious calling-- to jar people loose.
projects of the day...

our new tables should be here-- and if it is not windy ( dust etc) we will coat them with polyurethane..
they are a thing of beauty... and round... much more conversational--
 even if you are not includes more people 
 the standard picnic table  3 on  a side becomes 2 conversations
which reminds me i must make a reservation  for  dinner when the  accreditation sheila gets here.
i have to use up  xxxx per month in the dining room or they charge me anyway...\
they only reason i keep a membership is  the food is decient and  i can make a reservation -- with no standing  around,...
plus they have a room witha square table which is perfect for meeting type dinners...
 2 or 3 on a side is 12 people and one conversation.  it is 3 miles away.  

one meeting type dinner and i am all set for 3 months.

bless hunter for bailing me out with a poem about wendy, his dog.

 (hunter  is  in 3rd grade )
  Wendy the Dog
 She is a gentle giant,
 Soft and black with white markings.
 Big dark eyes And a heart so big. 
She helps me walk, 
Working so hard. 
But when she starts to get tired,
 She takes a nap.
 I have to feed her,
 Give her water, And let her out. 
If I don't, she is sure to tell me. 
Wendy is a great big help,
 A true friend. 
So glad she is My gentle giant.


  1. “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

    ― Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience and Other Essays

  2. What a beautiful edition of "The Doggie Daily"! Thank you so much for all you do to brighten the lives of those of us fighting the good fight against "quiet desperation."