Saturday, June 20, 2015

june 20 2015
i had  a bunch of really great ideas for  this daily doggie... then  my mind was consumed with the process of making coffee- and i forgot.

so much for  the lumosity telling me my memory is better than 86% of my age group...  if that is true.... heaven help us !!
i finally opened mimi's kuranda beds at mail call last night... problem was... 2 beds come wrapped in  about a box with only an 8" end so when it got stuffed under a desk. i didn't see the 8" square   and it went 2 days without gettin gopened...
there are 2 texan  cp's here who put it together  after i went to bed.  bless the help of the cp's
i shutter to think where we would be without them....  and their  brick buying..  
i listened to lynne's talk on emergency personell and service dogs...--- it is a good take....

i do have a problem with when she gives human charteristics to her dog.  
 to imply a dog thinks like a human is a terrible come down .

a dog's thought process is so far superior and free of  "the human elememnt" 
if i was her dog i would be very insulted.

human intelligence is such an oxymoron.  humans mayb be considered  intelligent,
 but on top of that are a whole bunch of  complicating factors-- 
like - competitive-  jealousy- domineering - which reduce that intelligence to a negligable amount.

often !!
projects of the day....

1.  figure out the kids schedule for the summer --- we have 3 kids   give each 3 days a week  with minimal disruption of  family  vacations, horse shows- soccer games, parental driving  services, knee surgery ( laura's mom and meatcutting steve)  it ain't easy.... it is supposed to be a learning experience... and the first of it is committment.  i must erase from these children the concept that being  1 minute late for work... or for for an airplane will work for them.

2. get someone else to polyurethane the new tables ---- texas nanci????-- so they are not wet for tomorrow-- and we can second coat them after open house???

3. get the giraffe flag hung ---- texas nanci's husband???

4.  write to bheiss about the roll of  "stuff" she donated... it is industrial something or other kind of mat-- any rate it is perfect under the new chicks... just enough traction and washes off well..  ( bailey likes to walk on it  too--)

5. i forget if steve is coming today-- if so-- then it is a costco run for the lambchops..... to go with the leftover cake....

that is a start....

Hi Carlene,
Just wanted to give you an update on Denim.
My latest reason to be proud of my girl is how she has been helping me at my son's track meets.  Last year when I had just got her, those meets were traumatizing!  Her reaction was like, "I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!  TOO MANY PEOPLE! I HOPE THEY DON'T TOUCH ME! WHAT WAS THAT GUNSHOT? WHY ARE ALL THOSE KIDS RUNNING? ARE THEY RUNNING TOWARDS ME? I WANT TO GO HOOOOOOME!!!!!!
But this year has been so different!  My son is doing really well so we've gone to some really big meets, such as a State Championship in Fitchburg and a New England Championship in Saco, Maine.  And at these meets, it's been more like, "Oh, not another one of these!  Oh well, we can do this.  Grab hold and I'll maneuver you through this crowd, then make myself comfortable in those bleachers (thank goodness you always bring me something to lay on on those metal bleachers, and water to drink in this heat!)  I'll just lay here and watch for signs that we're finally going to leave (it's been hours!!!)..."
Donna & Denim
 i think i have to read   "walden"  there are alot of  thought provoking quotes-- maybe i should read the whole thing..

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” Henry David Thoreau

 Thoreau realised the importance of awareness  and decided life was often frittered away by detail. 
(i.e.   i must not let accreditation interfere with producing  life saving - nearly perfect dogs - with details like having a thermometer in the first aid kits.  )

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