Wednesday, June 24, 2015

JUNE 24 2015

 somebody told me ---today is international dryer lint cleaning day-- so i did tyhat... and i felt extremely guilty -- it had plenty of lint. and i threw it out--- remember meaty steve said i should stuff the dryer lint into the toilet paper tube and use it as fire starters. 
apparently it is a good fire starter-- i hear houses being burned down all the time with it. 
annother case of accidental brillannce... like pennacillin.. sorry steve... i figured by next fall when i needed to start fires i would not be able to find it.
this is a problem around here....we have IT-- can not find IT -so have to buy another IT ... that kind of logic is self perpetuating.... the cause that alerted me? i am a subject of subliminal marketing when it comes to vacuum cleaners... i have a long history-- may be started by mr oreck who gave me a "free" hand vac with the rug one. we have several orecks. and a hoover ( and very few rugs..) ... 
i know we own 2 industrial vac's-- on wheels-- baby carriage size/style.. then i went the road of piping the10 kennels with a built in .. hooked to a shopvac which sat in the arena under teh window.. a failure for several reasons..poorly designed and not enough glue. that didn't stop me from buying several smaller shopvac's--- they look sooo efficient-- i have trouble walking past them in home depot.-- and i think our efficient equipment handlers are piling them up in the training room
 i know tehre is a stainless steel one closeted there... it was sooooo pretty... and i know tthere is the stainless bottom (minus vac) on wheels- out by the dumpster which someone keeps trying to throw away and i keep thinking it would be great for somethng i have not thought of yet.
apply that behavior to almost anything a round here from grass mowing devices(2 small tractors, 2 walk behind whips , 2 electric whips plus a gass one, and 2 guinea hens) - to paint stirreres to help with the spirit sticks.

 i was at home depot trying to get bentley to pull me slowly-- to the great amusement of the entire staff of home depot... he does have a pretty good "whoa on him" -- i had stopped at the paint counter and saw all thiose matching paint stirrers- i asked for a handfull-- someone with a very large hand gave me a bunch-- so many that they do not all fit in the fun fund jar.... so pam put the rest "away"... perfect example-- i will use the ones in the jar for those people who send pictures and don't have a stick-- and when those are gone, we will not be able to find the next bunch-- now lost forever in the overflow room.... too valuable to be tossed away-- they will be reloacated in the paint stirrere WITNESS protection plan-- safe in an unknown location.

loction ... location ... location RIGHT !! and where is that.???----
 we have need for an unbelievable number of odd things.. my father told me never to throw away hardware ... or matching items... for future use... (think--purina plastic jars that come with the wet food) that concept too is self perpetuating. - there must be a use for thousands of lovely little plastic containers... ?? walter's lousy aim could be one of them...??
along with ?parkinson's law? "clutter will accumulate to fill available space" --- boy do we understand that one... see the GTent.
we try....
Hi Carlene,I just wanted to share a couple pictures with you. Monday Bella had a field trip and was a little nervous taking George on the school bus. I told her I was a chaperone and we would figure it out. So they had us get on the bus first while it was quiet. He walked right up the stairs and then as he got to the first row turned around. (Not sure how he turned himself around in a small bus isle but he did). Bella looked at me a little nervous then she gave George a pat on the head, told him he was a good boy and had him back up all the way down the isle! He did it without even stopping or trying to go forward. When they got to the back of the bus he got lots of love! Pats and hugs galore. She kept a hand on him for the whole ride into Boston and kept reassuring him. Then on the way home, she got on the bus first and told him to follow her and they walked right down the isle to the back of the bus like they have done it all year! He is one amazing dog. We can't thank you enough for the independence and strength he has given Bella. Thank you Rachel. 



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