Friday, June 26, 2015

june 26 2015
 biggest news is  explore wants to continue with another contract  for 3 +1+1  years..
it is a long complicated bunch of paper - which  to be honest i have not totally read... 
as far as i am concerned the actual contract is ....
 somewhere along the way i said to charlie   "as long as it did not cost me anything"
and he agreed to that-- he has kept his word-- as i have kept mine.... 
it has long been my  philosophy that if you can not take a person's word,
 all the paperwork in the world will only make  a bunch of lawyers rich...
paperwork !!  yuck !!! ------here comes the accreditation  bit... i know they -ADI - are going to fuss over things like the owners  sdp agreeement......  plus   "show dog"  people have   all these "co- owner" deals which  are normal in the akc world...
i have never had a co owner agreement with anyone...  and alot  of dogs ( and a horse or two) have been shared particularly for         breeding  with never a problem...  my line of ---"you give them a happy life, and when it is over, it is over.... " which mostly pertains to any illness etc where you do not string them along...  but it also implies that if i detect that the dog is not happy with you, i have no problem in taking the dog away... as i have done once.. at least..
? horse sharing?  i had a palomino "grant"-- beautiful thing--- which thru  a friend- dida , we ended up sharing with rex trailer who was boston's  cowboy like roy rogers..   there was no nicer man alive than rex... honest as the day is long...  and grant became  his horse   "goldrush III".  and mary went along  on  parades and personal apperaendces as his donkey friend... for years   .
 explore   did ask me to write a weekly blog for thier web-- or wherever they put it..( i don't understand that either)
for me to keep up with finding amusing /educationbal photos etc    is a bit of a challange. but between camera mark and some of the camera operators, i am doing all right so far... the people and the dogs around here --  there is bound to be one amusing/ wierd  thing happen per week...  if not.....that could have serious  repercussions all round.  i would not like to  live a prepackaged lifestyle and will do all i can to avoid it.
i am not sure how i got in the giraffe  industry... but here we are...  and the people watchig the puppy hill camera might see the wagon we are reserecting  for display of the small giraffe herd...( thank you 3 is plenty enmough )
---this wagon... just one of those thigs i never threw away will be perfect-- 
 it  all started with " the bed"-- which is a queen size matress/box springs  on a strange heavy duty wagon on which i  would put 3 dogs for parades.  it was very popular ... paid for my kids college tuition with that bed which now i s beside the t tent.
that  wagon  was made is such a way that  both the front and back wheels turned when you made a corner, so you could drag a bunch of them in a parade and not worry about wiping out the crowd on a corner.-- so i coppied teh design, and built 3 lighter weight ones with bicycle tires  for the donkeys to pull-- in the political year that involved  bush clinton  and perot -- i did  the 3   caricatures  of those men  which now hang in the arena..  
i pulled a 4th smaller wagon with bucket and shovel-- and a smaller sign which said "they are all full of  "IT"  "  that picture is around somewhere....
an interesting sideline... perot's wagon  bent an axle in  the salem parade and we had to pull the pin and leave it behind...  just how symbolic was that? 
so now  one  of those wagons is getting redone for a giraffe carrying device-- the other will be redone as  home for the ever growinbg ginnea chicks..  don't throw thing s away????
 so that is todays   divrsion-- or one of them--
as that sad/sick  person long ago emailed me " what does  building a giraffe house  have to do with producing servce dogs?  you should go back to training and stop wasting time"  
my answer is  "alot"  
1.  volunteers must be kept amused-- they are very inexpensive help
2.  if  camera people want to provide some  whimsical  amusement and tehy have the money to do that.... wonderful ( as long as they buy  their  chicken bricks so we can meet "real"  expenses)
3.  i must keep my  mind exercised with  creative challanges   so i can find things to write aboptu for explore.. ( good excuse) 
4.  on a good day, i am only good for a 15.2 meter dash before i need to find a sitting down device.... like a golf cart-- so someone else is going to have to do the  training footwork ... under my direction of course..... while i am making a giraffe  wagon...

so there !!

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