Sunday, June 28, 2015

june 28 2015
last night at mail call i ... in a weak moment .. said if the bricks sold out i would buy grace ( and all) a washer for the cellar-- no  easy purchase...we have wascomatts which seem to work nicely-- that brand was recommended by a guy who owns a laundromat- and so far they have been wonderful  so it looks like i will be buying another...-  one thing that impressed me  to start with was they offer a course in how to fix your own.. and for the beating those machines take,  i can not complain---

cleanliness is next to godliness...
 grace ( and all) have better access in our cellar..and our septic should be able to take it...  when we built i remember the inspector saying we had eough  drainage to run a small motel...  how did she know???

i have tried several american breeders... without too much success...  i have a generic call out for danes who have done agility and have some old relatives..

as i wander the world looking for dane genes...again...  i came to the german  official standards of a dane--- very interesting---  things i have decided to insist on... square males -- slightly longer females...pacing is out---  researved toward strangers-- devoted to owners..
and a few i don't care about  .. curved tail carried above the topline...  it is interesting  

i have contacted several breeders... there is one in czk. who has a bunch lookijng just like chaos and bentley..  what started me is that ... gary--  the veteran who is partnered reciently with  victoria has a daughter going to school in russia-- and will be traveling back and forth occasionally..
there is a rule  burned  into  the minds of  most akc breeders that , no one breeds any dogs that have not been shown and recieved thier "championship" title..  and i clearly have not...  there is a woman who works at the local feed store who keeps reminding me of that - and calls  sdp dogs  a" piece of junk " because they are not  "titled"....

 they aen't titled... they aren't even registered which makes me even worse.   i totally agree wiht trying to limit the breeding of dogs.. but all the puppy farms that sell pups to  pet stores all have akc registration.   i totally agree with the  akc canine good citizen award.  that concept is a great one...  but $15 to register every dog is alot of money... for what?
if i had my way,  the town  reg of a dog is not spayed or neutered woudl be $500--- dogs spayed or neutered would be $150 ---  if a spay/neutered and has their cgc title it would cost $10  to register them-- 

and then... any town which passes a leash law must provide a fenced dog park-- after all ,   dog owners pay taxes too...

 so all of you people out there sending me notices of american breeders,   i would love to find one or two --  but the ones who insist on co- owning  are out... and i do happen to like  breeding   color true-- 
most american breeders brag about european bloodlines-- it becomes a question of what percentage???  one great grnadfather does not cut th emustard..    
i happen to  agree with the german method  of posting a dogs HD rating on the pedigree--- that HD is the hip displasia rating - so you can have some idea of what you are buying into... it is not 100%  but it is better than nothing 

if you look over the pedigrees of dogs in europe you can see  a few time wahen an HD  A is bred to a HD  A and the pup is HD  B ---
you can also see harls  bred to harls -  etc.... interesing...

so google great danes by country... looking for chaos and bentley types...
from the top ... it looks like italy has taller then russian  dogs
 that is what i am doing..