Wednesday, June 3, 2015

june 3 2015
i hope we have plenty of spirit sticks coming... they are good fun to open at mailcall...from normal stick  adn photo.. to very strange creative... they are fun..
  also i jnow have 200 monkey fists hanging over my head to fiinish up to all the  dogfesting and spirit stick if you want one--- include your name and address on the stick... well if you don't want your name, then just "occupant"  and your address..  
some people seem sensative about sending name and address  over the internet and elsewhere...

i dunno.....i hear the government is tied in knots about access to phone records and email activity
i do have feelings about that....i don't  give a rip about the privacy aspect... what i heartily object to is paying the salary of these clowns in congress who don't get enough done now.... and once they have access to someone's comments about their love life, they will be tied in knots for years.

speaking of salarys... last night we did not turn off the mic on schedule and proceeded to discuss the summer plans for these teenagers.
problem.. we have 3 kids who are fantastic workers...smiley laura and connor-- all with years of training  and very valuable.
  the very worst thing that could happen  for sdp   is for either of them to decide to   be a bagger at the supermarket.
the problem being  we can not afford to pay them $$$  what they are worth...   what we can offer is experience... and isn't that a crock.. !!!
we can take advantage of the fact that they are 14 years old and don't realize  how valuable they are.....  and maybe   their parents  would be thrilled to have them off teh streets for the summer.  

lets face it... this place  is a learning experience..( and experience comes  from bad experienc es... but lets not go there.) . ... 
so we are trying to  figure out how to keep them all on some kind of pay and volunteer schieule...

so we left the mic on-- all you people who donate to the chicken bricks are entitled to know where the money goes...  and hopefully will get some idea how critical your $10 numbers are-- our payroll is $5000 a week... that is $250,000 per year   scares me  big time.. but we seem to be making it between the explore grant and the shatupon society... we are live....

i feel that no one here is paid enough anyway--  and i live in fear  of someone having to go earn a proper living somewhere else...                       and speaking of that... i got this from colleen

I am still looking for a experience groomer to work at my shop, was wondering if you could mention it in the DD,
 anyone interested can contact Sedilles Pet Grooming Lynn, MA  781-592-3832.  thanks appreciate it

acccent on EXPERIENCED groomer--- grooming has come a long way since i was younger... historically a dog groomer washed the dog and cut out the matted hair... now a groomed dog looks like they have been to the hair dresser with every hair in place.  and every breeed has thier rules of coiffing..  and she runs a big deal place.... in lynn..

i have ahd enougu challanges for the day-  chrome disappeared from  the top of my screen so i had 1/2 hour searching to find aol and my emails.  my favorites bar has teh daily doggie info and i don't know how i could ever find it on my own.... the r are passwords long since gone from memory...

how bad it it???  i speak truth----- my cell phone-- yesterday-- gave me the message that noel's water had broken..-- that was last week.. where was that text message in the meantime???   being checked by congress???

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