Friday, June 5, 2015

june 5 2015

I have some housekeeping to do. 

I do not do facebook- Therefore ANYTHING you see on facebook  is not  DIRECTLY from this horses mouth  !!

I am available every night at mailcall to answer  questions at that time
I do comments on the explore camera sites.
I also write a weekly blog  just for  the  Explore Blog.
The official SDP page is managed by Camera Mark..

This EPW site is for a group who are interested in service dogs but it is  not our official site.  People on EPW  have learned alot...and  very often give correct answers to questions.  But sometimes they have their facts all wrong.  It is particularly distressing to me when advice is offered to people wanting to inquire about getting a servicce dog and that advice is incorrect.  Details for application  and making an inquiry are on our web.  People should be directed there.

Please-  remember no one speaks for me. 
i am available by snail mail or at mail call. and can answer 98.4% of teh questions..
sometimes there is no answer.

it is terrible when someone tells a person suffering from ptsd  that they can get a dog  in a month by  volunteering- and i am not aware that they have been told that...they end up volunteering  -- it is not til they tell me the dog they have  picked out, thqt  i realize they are not  on the same page... that situation is a disaster for all...and it has happened....

it is amusing when the twisted tales invbolve who is sleeping with whom- that is normal garbage...-- but that stuff does not start from me.

even if you get some information from me... be aware if situations change, i will  change decisions as needed..
for example.....-- we decided to breed mariah to walter... until we discovered - by accident- walter's son was a much better candidate...
now if you had not read the daily doggie and were not aware of the rather indelicate problem walter had last time with teh sandwich box, syringes  warmed under armpits and various hose arraingements... you might think we were being indecisive when all of a sudden grommet is doing the honors...

then teh internet conversation of negative people would go like this
"i thought they were going to breed her to walter" - and someone could say "they don't know what they aare doing" "they breed dogs indiscriminately"   and a bunch of negative commetns would start in a feeding frenzy.  drives me nuts...  especially when mother nature is in charge..  
please---  ask me--- do not get involved with  rumors---

" i thought you said" can have  very little bearing on current acitivites.

i hate to think i have to be more careful about conversations... but.......i apparently made some joke about tina reminding megan to worm the pups-- so she did... next thing megan is wondering why tina is reminding her- and furthermore how coudl tina ... in california... be up to date on the details of "to worm  or not to worm"-- of course by then i forgot i had made the comment about tina reminding megan.. so i too was wondering how worming got in tina's  job description...when i was just making a joke about  how tina is extremely efficient....

back to breeding puppies..  yes... we need more pups...and the story of why we breed our own is available back thru the 10 years of daily doggies... basically .. we have tried rescue danes... with poor success...  we do much better with home breds.
cut and paste....
I received a small "scholarship" one summer when I was in High School that surprised me and made me feel honored. I have "passed this forward" on numerous occasions and have watched how the recipients also have enjoyed the honor and some are even starting to do the same to the next generation.
Toward that end, I would like to gift such a small scholarship to Laura, Smiley and Connor for their work at SDP this coming summer. --- christy   from md.

we are trying to work out a schedule to take advantage of the fqct these 3 kids have time and energy to spare this summer

and then we got in the giraffe discussion.... and i looked on ebay.  there is no way we shold even think of spending money on a giraffe statue..... but.......i wonder if the people selling this one coudl be convinced to donate it???????  what kind of market is tehe for a 12 ' tall  fiberglass giraffe?

item in ebay  in new jersey   can anyone in/around  new jersey talk them  into donating it to  sdp  we can get it ( lying flat) in the horse trailer.    #231451181079.

other than that....

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