Sunday, June 7, 2015

june 7 2015
i hope we still have 4 cp's here today..  we did as of last night... but 2 went to the local watering hole for dinner....- and i never heard them get home..  but then i was asleep by 8:30...
all the dogs are still singing... so i bet  moriah is still  accepting visitors...  yesterday 11 minutes...
shatupon sunday---  and happily a  sold out shatupon--   as that got soold out... there was some confusion about the new "wall"  i was people rushed to get thier favortite numbers....    i only know how to change it in one spot-- on the web ----there are 3 "links" and the othetr 2 are more complicated so janine changes them... so if you want on quickly -- and keep getting the old sold out wall.. try another link / chicken picture....
w/r/t the summer intern program----we have enough to get going....all 3 kids-- devlin laura and conner -- have consented to 3 days per week... i know  you all will be watching... you should see devlin sun mon tues  laura m-w-f  and connor t-th-sat   and both laura and conner have an optionall of sunday --- in the meantime keep those chicken bricks sold to fill  any gap...
meetings--- i thought i would never need to use that word in this place... but... mark says we should get the dogfest plans down pat--- the debate is  the new england lobster clambake deal----- or not lobster- it is new england... but so is the ballpark hot dog...and then marini corn will be here only if we have no cold weather before dogfest... i e.. not something we can plan on...
then---- both steve and megan will be here today-- and we have some dogs coming down the homestretch... so we should go over the applicants file and see if maybe someon e matches what we have.  this is where being around is to your advantage... if in working around the dogs, one dog  picks you, that supercedes all other decisions...  
pups are raising the dickens-- hopefully the cp's get up soon and think it fun to play withthem ~!!!!
i have gone  far as i can with the building--- i am hoping today that some men come along to do up the  turnbuckle attachements i have ready... after that we can measure for the  other end of them and tighten them...  it was terribly symbolic  when they moved the old table into the midst of the new area  and got all the tools out of the t tent.  
especially since mark will be cooking today..a quick wipe off of the  whole place is in order.
lord knows how we can get the top on... probably  tie together in accordian shape-- slide it next to the building and throw ropes over. 
The six-hour flight to Seattle left me stiff and slow-moving. With the help of Sir Thomas, we made our way through the seemingly endless airport, drawing the attention of the usual Dane admirers (to many of whom I needed to point out his working status, point to the vest, and make a point of Please Do Not Pet).
One comment I’d not heard before came from a flight attendant (who thoughtfully did not even make eye contact with Thomas,). While in line for the tram to whisk us to baggage claim, she said, “It’s so nice to see a service dog working. A real one. All I see are frauds. So many of them.”     that says quite a bit.  Sadly.

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