Monday, June 8, 2015

june 8 2015
maybe some of the strange ideas i get are from leaving the tv on overnighty and the subliminal messages get  implanted     .i must call  1-800 xxx-xxxx  that is 1 800 xxx-xxxx and buy the worlds finest cucumber pealer  and if i call in the next 20 minutes i can double the order for shipping and ahndling for an  addtional 32 dollara and  64 cents....
why would i need a cucumber  pealer?  because  the next thing on line is a soushi chef showing  me how to wrap raw fish in pealings with white rice after dunking his hands in  something to stop the rice from sticking and allowing him to move quickly  so that his body temperature does not affect the quality of th e raw fish.
great ! 
.... i thought we cooked food to get rid of some of the problems of raw food... like it says at the bottom of restaurant menus." eating raw foods might be dangerous to your  health"i hate to think of  the time i have wasted cooking food for the past 40 years when i could  have just fed these kids raw stuff  like that friend of mine who gave her boys a cup of horse feed on thier way to catch the school bus...( and those boys  are now 6' plus and climb trees for a living)actually my kids did a fair amt of eating raw --- vegtables at least... i did have a garden in lynnfield... mostly early hatching peas  and corn-- i would tell gwen and janine to go shell and eat peas for 7 minutes then come in to the kitchen  for the meat course... and they do know how to pull up a carrot and wipe it off in your armpit before eating it.
.......mentioning armpits   reminded me of the atrmpit story qabout keeping sperm worm... whihc reminded me that moriah has ceased to become interesting to males.. specifically walter ( who has not been known to be a particularly enthusiastic suitor)   and  also grommet who was so good at whispering sweet nothings in moriah's ear.  he had no interest in her ear- or anywhiere else.  so   63 days  and counting...
sunday shatupon stew was a wonderful day-- we had many recipients back and they are doing beautifully with their dogs... our #1 exhibit was bella and george...interestingly  george hopped out of their car -- and greeted several of his siblings and megan-- and turned to keep his eye on bella.  they were here to have a go at wheelchair practice..  they ahd to go to some building whith good floor because the roughness of our parking lot was confusing george...  when they returned from the hotel, george had that look of "i got it" about him. 
 bella is due for knee surgery tuesday and will be in a chair for a while.the shocker for sunday  was a couple applicants who did not know qabout  the doggie daily ... or why such a fuss over chickens and numbers.there is something we are not doing right... we must make sure everyone knows about our support  from the shatupon society-- and-- when i write this dd i always assume a certain level of past knowledge..  like.... someone new to this daily doggie will not know aobut keeping sperm live in your armpit... kind of thng-- or why i spell the way i do.... sp pass the information around better.
i must practice wheelchair riding.. beentley si a very enthusiastic puller-- not a problem...letting him pull my chair - all i can think of is a bowling alley where people fly sideways to avoid the out of control flying object  which is bentlye and me....... it is the steering..i keep careening into walls-- or people- megan says it is a simple case of leaning....ok...... 
there is a section of a mall which is relatively desearted...i  will try..with my sprained ankle, i am frustrated with the home depot and costco electric scooters-- they are goverened so slowly... if i had bentley pull me in an normal chaitr it would take 1/10th the time.  i am good for  walking 30 or 40 feet- then i need to sit or balance on something. my husbands words echo in my ears."if you weighed 20 pounds less, it would n't bother you so much"  he used that expression  all teh time... even if i had athletes foot...  that is not saying he was wrong... he was just eliminating any complaint... by presenting an impossible solution.
Sienna/Maria update early summer, Hi guys, it's been awhile and i wanted to say hi and give an update on Sienna and i.  We have been paired nite for 6 months and it has truly been a blessing! !!  We have been going on field trips with the girls, fishing with daddy and have become fan favorites at giovannis subs.  I am truly grateful to SDP for pairing us, she has made such a wonderful impact on my life which has aided me in impacting my family life as well.   She provided me with courage, companionship and walking aid allowing me to do so much more than i could before she came. She has been a godsend and increased the quality of my life tenfold.   My family and i send our thanks and praise to SDP,Carlene,the volunteers, the CPs and everyone who has made Sienna possible for me.  Carlene White you truly change lives for the better! !!
Thank you all so much. -