Tuesday, June 9, 2015

june 9 2015
super  camera person leaving this morning---     what a shame  --- but she has a husband and other animals to go home to.. in calif.

 last night she tried to get me on a program to improve mental capabilities...  a free  lumoosity or some such..-----i couldnt't get it past "loading"--  but thi s morning  it was apparently loaded--- so i fooled with it-- and after it told me where i needed improvement, it said it could help me with memory...... for $12 a month... -- but the interesting part was in small print it said "recurring billing"- and it already knows my memory is bad-- so naturally they want to bill me monthly   automatically  !!  .

so i am afraid  you all will just have to deal with my unimproved memory.....  sort of like an external memory drive.
we had a bunch of kids here from the cottings school  in lexington-- a wide range of special needs.-- had a fine time--( no accidents)
even got one very timid student to pat bailey..  they stayed a long time and ended with a visit to the teepee... for lifetime experiences, their visit was a successful one...   i sent them home with a sample poo picker  as a perfect project for them to do and send...

i think i will do an explore blog on " the picking of poo".. i do feel as my qualifications in that field are unsurpassed.-- even that woman from  teh UK who gave a lecture on her newly invented chunky vomit picker had to admit my used poo-pickers got bagged and tossed, and she was left with a dirty vomit picker. 

camera people (the ohio couple)  have finished the cables on the building... so we are coming down the homestretch to  trying to get the cover over the top...  this will be a challange...  mostly because  the side i had hoped to start has a light  pole i forgot about
 maybe today we can toss the ropes over t he top and get ready..

even better yet... find the directions and see if we can benefit by their experience in doing this...
i remember....... when explore hired the guy to put that camera way up in the tree, he had some very effective slingshot deal to get the rope upa and over to begin with...... and that is wht the monekey fists were origionally used for... throwing ropes between ships
after all my squaking about staying in touch...  and promises i heard.... i have not heard from crimson's partner in kentucky ----they swore they would stay in touch...  really?????...

it is time to work moriah back into the house bunch... will not be easy as she and opal can not be left alone......i will try and remind them that allies are people/dogs  with common enemies.... me !!
rose doggy gets teh  prize--- whatever that is... for theses "portable  laps" made from the discarded blue jeans of many camera people which she stuffed and  sewed  into comfy  puppy pillows-- the dogs love them--- and we laugh every time we look at them...

not only that -- but the huge boxes they came in have been everythgn from a cave to sleep in -- to a chew toy...

ok... rose doggy... now for some creative use of the purina produce bags.. for some "show" in either august  or at dogfest......  i think it would be to our advantage to see if we could come up with some things thay had not thoutght of themselves..  my "miss purina"  who 'gave us a hand'  is popular.. (and her dress  is put together with a desk stapler)
 they( purina) senty another load of dog food yesterday-- 8 pallets --- the dry/wet  have  different order numbers so wet will arrive separately..i assume...
 we/you  ---- as a community have  tremendous creative tallent-- so let's get it in motion.... what can you make of recycled dog food bags...???

if you can not come up with bags and labels of purina procucts from you r own use or friends.. i could send some empty  bags... they are light.
and this could be to our advantage so the expense of postage  is worht the  gamble.

depending on the  general effort... maybe having a "showing " at dogfest  would be .... to our advantage...   we could set up tables in the arena to display them-- and it would be opn camera...
one of these days i will make a list of the ads i am subject to  by just turning on this computer...my  last email was filling 40 water balloons at once... in seconds.. for $14.95  
just what i need to know about today...

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