Saturday, July 4, 2015

glitch #547-- apparently   between my aging memory and twitching fingers hittin g the wrong keys...., i must not have sent a thank you email to someone.  i could have sworn i did...  but that happens..i usually send something like that to  ann or theresa  just so they remember..
but there is  a huge chunk of  poor logic there....    if they don't get it  how were they to know they should have.. 

when you have a poor memory, it does not pay to put on some critical email "please confirm you got this"   because if you then forget to look for the response it is a useless exercise..
we are looking good...- that is a corporate "we" --- 
nearly all the impending preventable disasters have been dealt with... like the aging steps to the guest house annex ( aka  training room)   i had put that off  because the woman coming to do teh accreditation probably weighs less than 100 pounds--- but then i realized  if i went up the stairs ahead of her, that coudl be a problem..
so david and ryan put in new stairs and i had them run up and down  just to prove their work...

tables in th g-tent  seem to hold teh various weights necessary... i have tried all the tables....
the daily fyi.....
i dont  think i shared teh  processing of the  needles and "sharpes"   we get accredited every 5 years- and i think we had 4.9 years of needles stored... they are supposed to be stored in red "sharp" containers... we ran ougt of those  long ago  so a milk jug with red duct tape had become our "containers" .  in this area?  several towns around here.... the police stations  have receptacles in the lobby for dropping off used needles--  short on time and long on  bottles of needles, i went to the nearby  topsfield police station..

40 years ago if i had wandered into that police station with  an odd request  the person on the desk would have tossed it around and kept me waiting- then refused to take my collection  because it was not in an official  red "sharps" container.  this time... the guy said "aren't you the one with all those dogs?"  -- i was terrified something was coming down on my head. then  he said            " your outfit donated a dog to a friend of mine and i can't thank you enough- let me help you with those needles..."  he made a quick phone call and told me to go to the fire dept.. where that guy welcomed my collection with " we are supposed to have these in  sharp containers, but  we can manage.. keep up the good work...". so one told the other.... wow !!!!

sometimes there are people in places ( like local government) of decision making  who can really make you r life very  building inspectors-- or ones who can just smile away teh confusion .

that is similar to my comcept of  the one of the most improtant people around sdp is the trash collector.   he coud put me out out of business faster than the building inspector... ( for those of you ne3wcommers... when  i decided to  use clearspan to put up that arena instead of the contractor  referred by the building inspector he said  "you are out of your league.. you are only a woman"  ) 

sometimes i have the memory of an elephant-- not often... but sometimes...

have a happy.... let us pray

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