Friday, July 10, 2015

july 10 2015
  accreditation was apparently a huge success..  sheila spoke at mail call and gave us only glowing reports.
she apparently has to co back "to committee" with our reports...
basically she said our dogs were super... the facility wonderful... the flow of  paperwork has only  a few minor changes
and the 5 year plan  is in place...
and janine told me to keep my mouth shut.. it was a struggle-- but i did...
 actually  having richard here to argue with for the previous 4 days was a blessing --
 a well disguised blessing ---- but a huge help- to at least get me thinking...
his head works just like sheila's with the future planning bit
having him show up was one more  of those ... why him??  why just before adi accreditation???
thanks to all who made mail call such an interesting  one with plenty of mail and packages...
not to mention the goodies...
also not to mention bella and george;s appearennce-- with a check for the shirt project  $3200   would you beileve it...
when i heard about the selling of the teeam bella shirts, we were all thinking  in the $600 range.  it was such a huge success that rachael is going to start a second "order"  i will try and get the how to information here when she officially starts.
moving on... and back to the more normal   problems and venting...

crank calls-  because  i am not totally familiar with the repettive dialing of some  tech advances, i have not reported these
calls to the authorities.  i will put the  basics here just incase it is one of our cp's who has the phone in their back pocket and it is on
some wierd repeat dialing button

i won't include the names... but.... if  either weaverville north carolina  ending in  0559  or   rohnert  park california ending in 7836

the first calls from north carolina did ask about live broadcast-- so it could easily be some  cp's child playing with the phone...

 sound familiar.???....please explain to me why the phone rang from 5pm thru 2am  so far.
very strange that i  would have 2 such  repetative calls in one day- only seconds between calls...

i hope  i can resolve this so i don't have to call in the heavy weights....
being on  live cameras at a certain time every day  does have it's problems.
in the meantime  i will shut off the phone around mail call-- so use the comment column to get my attention..
i will t ry and set my computer at my  usuall email for  the 5-6pm   time.
grommet and opal...  only a  4 minute tie...  by the old wives tale.. under 5 minutes does not count.
 it could mean she is just coming into the most attractive/fertile  stage...  it is only about 9 dayes----ask again later...
in the mneantime..... i will continue to try and search   for pups in europe

megan and margarette aare all packed and ready to fly out...  ( they both ahve passports)
richard is  still here today-- so i must prepare myself for  the challange--- ( i do love a good arguement... and he is good at it)
looking forward to  some ideas we could "discuss" 
i better put in my hearing aids... 
it does not happen often, but it happens.
our main concern is to provide our dogs with a happy-- safe life
if in the process it helps people of various situations... so be it.
we  also have a policcy that the person taking our dog has to have the dog follow them down the driveway
they have to make some indication that they like going with the person who gets them.
we had to give one of our dogs a new calling in life... it is no longer deemed a service dog because 
the origional  partner could not provide proper care.  
we have done all we could to ease the transition, but the safety of one of our dogs is  the  primary concern.

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