Saturday, July 11, 2015

july 11 2015
 grommet progress ---- 19 minutes... let us pray--- we need puppies !!
breeding dogs in the first place is risky... breeding danes is more so. 
it certainly is not for the weak at heart... grommet to opal is harl to harl -- not recommended -- i

 have a pretty good chart somewhere about dane coat colors and percentages... i will try and find it... but harl to harl is not "recommended"-- neither is harl to merle- and we have done both- and we deal--- our puppies are never "on the market".....

 just think.... convential wisdom as of 20 years ago was that merles were the wrong color and should be destroyed at birth-- bucket puppiesthey were called.------my merle girls -- 3 of them worked as great service dogs for about 10 years ---annie maude and bella----- as for white dogs they were totally useless as probably deaf .

well don't tell all of that to bailey-- 12 years old - she was out of a merle female bred by my harl stud.. deagle... i took her as pick of litter because i was pretty sure no one else would even give her the time of day as teh "white dane" . i even had her ears cropped because no one was going to tell me she did not deserve looking as good as her littermates... worst decision i made in the dane world was to listen to the convential wisdom of useless whites and had her spayed .BAD IDEA

there is sooooo much more to the danes than coat color.-- and i agree that the whites are subject to various problems and i would nnot... at the moment ... put one out as a service dog... but bailey would have been a great one..

 in bailey's litter was also a lovely dog--- luna, a black dog -- luna had in her lifetime had 29 puppies of which 18 were fully accredited service dogs-- most still working.... none have had any hip problems-- or other major structural problems common in danes. with luna black and the major stud dog-- thumper--- black.... we had alot of black puppies. 

now we have a harl --- bentley--- who is inclinded to throw some colorful pups-- but they are also strong healthy dogs without alot of complications. i don't consider deaf as a big problem-- it just needs to be handled realistically and is not for everyone.. but danes in the first place are not for everyone. we have many people in the wings who can deal with a deaf dane.. plus... there is now an ecollar which just vibrates-- like your cell phones... i even own one--somewhere... that could be a big help if the dog is trained to respond to it by just stopping and looking around.

question being ... do we breed bentley to scarlott again? i want to see how these pups develope-- remember.. in that litter there were 12 pups... 3 blacks that did not live-- 1 black that had some respitory problem and did not survive the parvo episode... 3 merles 1 harl . 4 whites ( only 2 are deaf)..
now if the 4 whites had died, the dane world would have exploded and claimed it was the white factor... but those are healthy and strong.. the black ones all died.

that indicates absolutely nothing...except that i will look at the entire picture in picking breedings---and we will deal with whatever...  bentley is george's father -- along with many others... if we have to deal with a deaf dog or two to get another george.. tthen so be it..

running... it is lambchop day

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