Tuesday, July 14, 2015

july 14 2015
cp smiley-- from london - has found several pups in europe --and we are trying to get the details settled today for a 5 month old  black female in austria--  maybe flying her to boston  on monday-
"cp smiley"   will be posting the pictures as soon as i figure out how to get western union to pay the breeder..her mother is a beauitiful black "wildfire"  and her father a merle--interesting....
apparently in 2011 the ddc ( german  dog reg/showing ) softened their opinion of merles and from something i saw it looks like they now show them too.

the DDC  issues a breeding certificate sort of thing-- where everty bit of the dog is vet certified.. like teeth... and eyebrows..along with hips and elbows.  i am sure it is meaqningful to someone who speaks german... to me---- i just study the pattern of  "X"s and hope for the best.
..breeding of animals is a crap shoot..   and humans are included in the animal bit.
ali was here yesterday saying she didn't think i should rebreed bentley and scarlott--- because of teh  possible deaf pups....  
???ain't that the  1/2 empty vs 1/2 full comment????... look at the beautiful service dogs they have produced... so far..... george,lars.dori.scienna,and then toni...   besides the deaf danes are no different than a beagle that doesn't listen anyway.
i am planning on another litter by them. get over the coat color bit...  we will cope-  
we were doing so well for a while-- now opal -- bred twice, has gone out of heat a little faster than i thought she would-- and was definitely out yesterday...  could be ok/normal.....but.....  i don't like thiese unexpected changes in schedules.  my confidence is shot...
i tried to remember.... we tried opal and mariah with walter- and for both had a faulty sperm delivery system-- so that was not their fault.... then we tried opal with the ancient frozen sperm surgically implanted--- didn't take.. could be lots reqsons.. and i think that is all we have done  ? correct?  
 moriah has never "tied" til now--- and she is not  prego...  
noel- who has had small litters before, had only one - born dead..
so there are logical reason s we could be short pups beside some pequiliar  health reasons
but i am nervous... and why we are getting a couple  pups fronm europe...
twan has organized neal-- from netherlands  -- still  young yet...
and  now voodoo from austria
that will give us a bunch of black dogs to fool with  kiara+3+voodoo+neal
megan and steve will be starteing to work more seriously on the "puppies"  who are  not quite the cute little things the oonce were...
i hope to get more things done today---yesterday was a problem from the start...
bentley must have banged his head on the cieling light of my car-- turning it on---- how was i th know it wasn't the delayed reaction someone in japan decided they would force on me...  it does usually go   off.. unless bentlye bangs... etc..
so i had a dead battery..since i was not in a hurry-- and i have never called AAA before, i decided to have them jump it ( rather than try and figure out where someone had decided we should keep our 6 sets of jumper cables) so i called tripple A on my cell-- nice lady said "hello  and hello and hello then hung up because my cell did not want me to talk to her. so theresa called them- and the arrived... nice man... his wife volunteers here-- and he watches the cameras all the time !!
by now it was so late that by the time i got thru at home depot it was getting to be my nap time- so the only way i could make it home without falling asleep was to have a double decker ice cream cone..

so that is why i did not loose weitght yesterday- it was bentley's fault.
i m working on the egg drop problem--
Hi Carlene, 
 It's time I wrote to let you know that Dory continues to be a huge help in my life. If I did not have her, I would surely be wheelchair bound. Last night, I ventured out with Dory to see an act at the Verizon Wireless Arena. We purchased handicap seating, and she performed like a champ. My neighbor came with us was surprised how well behaved she was! And of course everyone commented what a beautiful dog she is!! She has made friends with the Golden Retriever next-door and they are best friends. They enjoy each other's company and run around the yard together. Going back to her assisting me, I would not be able to go up the stairs or down without her. Having her allows me to stay in my home, for which I am grateful. Thank you again to everyone at the SDP for making such a huge impact in my life!! 
With Gratitude, Kathy Gardner & Dory Concord, NH

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